Likeliness of EP being approve, or rejected

Hi Beppi,
Would you be able to advice what are the likely of me getting an EP in Singapore.

You see, I'm an ex-convict.  :D

Last July, I was incarcerated for 2 weeks inside Changi Prison for misdemeanors, nothing serious just some compliance issue that landed me into jail because i did not pay fine (which is stupid, now that I am awake. LOL)
The crime did not involved any monetary losses nor bodily injuries to the other party and has since settled.

Anyway, I was swiftly deported, banned and warned of great repercussions should I decide to enter Singapore without informing the controller. This wouldn't be an issue as I will be appealing for re-entry with a proper lawyer based in SG

My question is, in the event that ICA does approves of my appeal,
1. Is it advisable to seek employment immediately?
2. If the employer does decides to hire an ex-con, what are the chances of my EP being approve?

FYI, I hold a BBA and + Master Degree from Australia and formerly hold a managerial post for local company, my last drawn salary was $9000++


Looking at current situation I don't see any chances where MoM will approve your EP. But that doesn't mean door shut down permanently. You will be lucky enough if you got ICA approval of your entry into Singapore. Good luck.

I agree with Surya: You better seek opportunities in other countries, where you didn't burn your bridges yet.

Tough luck eh,
What are the likelihood of me getting a spouse visa then?
Or entrepass, whichever matters

Spouse should not have an issue for an entry visa but for EP, she has chances but can't have guarantees as her spouse (your documents) are with them, could be a hindrance. Hope you get a second chance (through your spouse) and prove them that you are a law abiding foreigner. Good luck you both.

I have no experience with dependent passes for ex-convicts (the constellation isn't really common!), but it's worth a try:
If you are legally married, your spouse is in Singapore on an EP and has a basic income of S$5000/month or more, he/she can apply for a dependent pass for you. If granted, you can stay in Singapore as long as it's valid.
In principle, you can then also apply for a Letter of Consent (LoC) that allows you to work while on dependent pass - but I do think it is very unlikely that this is issued to an ex-convict.
Entrepass is also very unlikely for an ex-convict - you'd probably have to relocate an existing multi-million-dollar business to Singapore for them to reconsider.
Tough luck, but you're really best advised to seek better fortunes (and avoid doing such mistakes again) elsewhere.

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