Moving to Shenzhen


We're relocating to Shenzhen next year and husband will be working in University Town area. Any suggestions on what areas would be good to consider for housing options nearby ?

Thanks !

Which university does your husband will work on?

Best locations are  Shekou, OCT and Coco Park (Futian CBD). Hope you settle in happily.


Most expats live in OCT or Shekou, but your commute to University Town would be an hour or more, even on the metro.  University Town is on the number 5 metro line.  I'm living in the Liuxiandong area of Xili, two metro stops to the west of University Town, and working in the Nanshan i-Park one metro stop east of University Town. There are several new, upscale apartment complexes and new mall with great restaurants and a fitness center within 300 meters of the Liuxiandong metro stop. You can find older and cheaper apartments near the Xili metro stop. It's the metro stop between Liuxiandong and University Town. You can also look for apartments in the Xili Lake area, which is one metro stop (on the 7 line) north of Xili.  Good luck!

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