Working Permit B in Brussels

Hai, I'm Maryna from Indonesia. I live in Jakarta, currently I'm still on progress waiting submission from my company to apply working permit B. Is there anyone apply this recently and know how long it's gonna needed? i will travel to Brussels this weekend and explore the city. Its gonna be my first Christmas and New Year in Brussels as well. Hope the weather will be good for me, never been to winter time in Europe. Previously, i just went back from holiday trip from Europe in last October.
Its good to know and correspondence before i fly out. if there's any advice and information about Indonesian community in town would be great. thanks for the opportunity and time to read my message here.


Work permit B takes around 3 weeks with +/- 1 week.

Thank you for your information.
Do you know if I can arrange this from Brussels?
Anyone have this experience before? 
I'm open for any advice about the city and the procedure related.


There is nothing for you to arrange in Brussels regarding your work permit.

Your company will get notified by the authorities thats it ready and your HR will pick it from the commune. They will then send you the work permit by post to Indonesia with which you apply for a visa type D to come to Belgium.

Ah okay..  Then it means i should wait for it and proceed as the procedure in Indonesia.
Many thanks for your advice. It means a lot. Stay in touch and have a good day

Exactly as solexhonda suggested, all you can do now is
1. Wait for work permit to be couriered to you by your hiring organization.
2. Check what other supporting documents you need (in addition to the work permit) to apply for a D-type visa and start arranging them.

Good luck.

Thank you Annesh,

I'm actually will travel for Xmas to Brussels for holiday and meet the company who will hired me.  They already put my documents and I will wait for their new updates regarding to my working visa then.  Hope to get any update earlier because holiday coming very soon. 
Hope to meet and make friends when in town.


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