The holiday season in Singapore

Hello everyone,

Are you about to celebrate the holiday season in Singapore? In many countries and cultures, the festive season is the time for happiness and reunions/gatherings. Is it so in Singapore? How do Singaporeans celebrate this very special time of the year?

What about you? Will you spend the holiday season in your host country or in your home country? Will there be expat reunions/celebrations/parties in your region/town/area?

Thank you in advance for sharing!


Christmas in Singapore is mainly a commercial event, with shopping malls improbably decorated with artificial snow and salesgirls with Santa hats everywhere.
In private, not many Singaporeans celebrate it at all - even among the 10-15% Christians it often involves no more than a church visit.
New Year (1.Jan.) is also not much celebrated.
The real festive season is Chinese New Year, which falls on variable dates in February/March and sees families gathering around huge meals. Most shops and restaurants are closed for several days and everybody seems to be visiting relatives.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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