Driving from the airport to bekasi

Hi there, i haven't been home in the last 12 years, suddenly had a family emergency and has to fly back home tomorrow night. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with the estimate traveling time from the airport to Bekasi, and also... is the silver bird still the best taxi in Jakarta?
Thank you so much for the help.


Whew, its a way. Grab is cheaper than Silver Bird and Uber could be as well. I am in Pancoran and it takes me an hour without traffic and I guess it would be at least an hour from Bekasi to Pancoran.

Uber is around 300k max according to https://www.uber.com/en-ID/fare-estimate/  (before tolls)

Hope some of that is useful

Thank you for your reply,
Can I use my Uber apps from here out there? Can I also pay him with my PayPal account?


Silverbird will cost you, but they are very nice.
Bluebird are cheaper and get the job done, usually without any issues.
I refuse to use all the others except Express.

Journey time varies wildly depending on traffic conditions, but the toll roads have really improved times.


my wife lives in Bekasi too and it really depends on the traffic how long you need. I know that there is nowadays a Transjakarta Bus to Bekasi from Soekarno airport and the use mostly own bus lanes. also i can advice you Grabcar/Grabbike or Gojek. they are normally the cheapest ones and I uses them a lot without any problems.

Regards, Felix

Old thread now but this is worth a mention for future travellers.
I tried the airport train from Jakarta - way better than any other form of transport and it goes all the way to Bekasi.

An app is available for easy booking.

There are some Grab Counter next to arrival gate in Soekarno Hatta Airport, you can try them

For some reason the map of Grab doesn't shop my complex location and Go Car has it. Anyone else ever had any difficulties getting the driver to the proper location?

Yes Grab maps seem to lack various buildings at times. However if you book it through Google maps, it seems to work better.

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