volleyball teams in Kuwait


Can we play on friday and saturday.. Thats the weekend.


Dear friends, Anyone is playing volleyball in kuwait?

Hey guys

Anyone still playing volley? I am a beginner but I would like to practice during games if it is possible.
In many of the activities here people set up an instagram account or a whatsapp group and they agree on a specific day and time of every week and it stays constant. Is anyone interested in making a habit?

Hello !

Do you guys still play?  I am a beginner, but I would like to practice.
Also what is usually the gender breakdown you currently have on your team? (For personal reasons)

Do let me know if you are playing. On weekends i can join.

I am actually looking for other team members if you know any

Yes we are a volleyball team and you can follow us on Instagram *** or send me your mobile and we will contact you

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Hello , is anyone interested to play volleyball ? If so please message me

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