Was changing jobs - not anymore. What to do?


Hope all of you are well.

So I'm in a slightly weird spot. I've been working with a big advertising agency in Singapore for almost a year and a half. Was a little bored and not particularly happy, so started looking out. Got another job at a small-ish agency, which I accepted, and they applied for my EP last Thursday.

However, some things happened since then - and now I'm contemplating my decision all over again. Assuming my EP is approved and I choose to not take up the new offer, what are the consequences? I've got about 8 months on my current EP, after which I'm going to have to re-apply. If I cancel the new EP from the other agency right now, will it affect my chances of getting my current EP renewed? 

Also, if I choose to stay where I am, do I need to get in touch with the MoM myself to inform them I won't be collecting the new EP card? Or will the other company do that once I let them know I can't take it up.

Thanks in advance. :)

If you do not want to take up the job with the new employer any longer, you must inform them and they will cancel the EP application - the sooner the better!
An approved but not collected EP will count to your disadvantage in MoM's eyes. In addition, the current employer can see in the EPonline system that a new EP was applied for (but not by which company). Many employers check this regularly and put illoyal employees on the list for the next retrenchment or give no more promotion/pay rise.

Hi @beppi,

Thanks a ton, highly appreciated!

Will get in touch with the new company ASAP and let them know.


One thing is missing in this conversation that you didn't mention whether you have informed to your existing employer about your decision to leave the company. If you didn't say this then you are rescued, if you have told your line manager already and they accepted your decision then it is very unlikely that when you will go back ask them that you changed your decision and want to stay back.

Secondly, your EP is a sponsored EP applied by your existing employer, so there is no way you can hold it and renew it without their approval (apply to MoM).

Last not the least don't jump companies just less than 1.5yrs or so as it shows either the company management or work culture is not good or you are not satisfied with your job and salary. Then, market environment is not good here. You may get a new job but chances of getting EP is tougher. So, be careful what you are attempting as it could be very wrong in this current environment. Good luck

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