Panama Work Permits

Hello All,

My Company is seeking work permits in Panama city.  We have 6 crew members travelling in April of next year (2017) for 5 weeks.  We do specialty glazing and will be constructing the storefront for Victoria Secret at the Multiplaza Pacific Mall. 

I am having difficulty finding specifically what we need to apply for work permits, where to apply for these permits, and costs / time associated with acquiring these permits.  I understand we need to apply for these permits through the Ministry of Labour, and there are several options for these permits, but how do I know which to choose? 

I am assuming we will be applying for specialty workers permits.  The entirety of 10% of company vs 15% of specialty company is confusing me.  If anybody has some concrete answers for me as far as how I apply for these permits, which permits we should apply for, and what we need in order to apply, I would absolutely I appreciate it.  Thank You


Can it even be done without a lawyer? I sure don't know. But, if you are on Facebook look for a group - Expats in Panama. It's a large, diverse group and someone there probably know more about this.

You must get in touch wit an attorney that specializes in immigration there is no other way also tart before you get to Panama

good luck

Carmen Martinez

just curious, how did this work out for you? did you get the permits?

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