Visit visa extension online need insurance renewal?

same here bro, now dont know how to do ,visa is near to expire and still not any update

i also make insurance policy onlu 4 days gao but still its not in cchi system :(


hello bro
same here ,i alo make insurance policy online by arabianshield, but alrdy more then 72 hours ,still not updated in CCHI system ,dont know how to do now ,when call help line they just reply in process//

bro ,this new law ,apply from 1st april,now must need insurance ,

hello bro ,
i also make policy by arabian ,but after making policy problem is CCHI ,alrdy make policy 72 hrs ago but still not get updated by CCHI ??

i make renew/extend visit visa on 5th april 2018 with out medical insurance

how can check the Insurance Status on CCHI Website. can anybody share link to me.

Last time in Feb 2018 when i tried to extend my family visa but they called me to Passport Office. When i visited Passport Office they said don't have valid insurance. Meanwhile when i contacted Insurance company they said your insurance is valid up to Nov 2018 but at that time due to no time i make re-entry for my  family. Now this time again when i tried to extend the visa they again call me to visit passport office. I am worried again they will raise the same issue. I again contact with the insurance company and they said your insurance is valid and they also sent me the insurance paper. But now i dont know how to check the status if insurance online on CCHI site or anyother government site. 

Can anybody guide me for this issue.

Assalam alikom.

Dear I need to extend Visit visa for my wife.Today is Saturday and 7 days left as visit visa expires on 30th June 2018.I have paid 100 SAR .Now when i am trying it giving message that :only can be extended 7 days before and 3 days after expiry).

Is this problem due to medical insurance or shall i  try tomorrow.


Still Needed Insurance to extend the family visit visa please share your experience as i need to extend my family visit visa. Thanks.

Now a days visit visa can only get extended once we renew our health insurance again for 3 to 4 months... because previously visit visa was automatically got extended ... but now Health insurance error is coming, for that we have to send mail to visitvisa[at], asking extension for visa...give them passport details, border details, visa number, end of visa date.... they will give you health insurance premium for next 4 month.... once you get new health insurance ... then you can extend visa through absher....

Again it is  made compulsory to have valid insurance for visit visa. Yesterday I faced this issue as  I was trying  to renew my mother,s visa, but luckily i got a solution, we can extend insurance online using Al Rajhi Takaful. Just follow below link

Once you extend the insurance, immediately you can renew visa also from your Absheer Account. Immediately means with in seconds


I am trying to extend my family visit visa i could not fix the problem without insurance. Help me how to proceed with insurance and formalities

Just go the link given above , enter passport number and visa member, then it will get details from CCHI. Sometimes it may get fail while getting details from CCHI, so try again to fetch the details.

After that just fill the declaration, then you will get the quote. Just pay the amount by sadad or credit card.


Go to this  link Insurance Detail Link and type passport number and you will get all insurance detail.

Sample Image

Then go to specified insurance online portal (sample link  for Arabian Sheild Arabian Sheild ) [/b]and you can fill all required info. and pay the payment through Sadad and you can renew your insurance and then you try to renew your visa through abshir,



Please Send mail to visitvisa[at], the they will ask you details, after sending the details they will provide premium amout, just pay it, they will isuue you visa.

When I faced same problem, I also wrote to CCHI, I got below reply.

--------- Forwarded message ---------
From: CCHI Info <info[at]>
Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 8:37 AM
‪Subject: إعادة توجيه: Insurance renewal issue for extending visit visa for Mother‬


Thank you for contacting CCHI

kindly Issue a new visit insurance covering the period of stay in the Kingdom of the authorized insurance companies: Bupa, Arabian Shield, Walaa ,Takaful Al Rajhi, AXA , Tawuniya and Acig .


Hello all...

Thank you so much for all those who helped especially mr Raheem. i renewed my visit visa with health insurance by online success fully. The way is simple & satisfactory if any one need clarification i can explain you. thank you.

Thank You Mr.Haris. :heart:

I am trying to renew insurance but not taking can you please explain briefly again..
My what's up number ***

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I am trying to pay money but not taking why I don't know .. Friday and Saturday it will work or not..
For my wife and children visa going to expire on 28 March what is minimum time to extend ..
After visa expiry how long they will stay here if stay here is it any problem.

Arabian sheild insurance on line working hours 8 to 4 Sunday to Thursday only.. Friday and Saturday not coming..
So better to go with alrajhi takaful it is 24/7 ...
Allahamandillilah finally I did it..

Thank you for all sharing your experience .. really this site very nice for clarifying many doubts..
Keep updating always guys..

I extended my mother's insurance through same  at 9pm today ie Friday... But it's not reflecting in absher and in absher it's still showing msg that medical Insurance has expired.
Please help.
Also I want to mention here that my mother's visa was expired on 14 March but I came to k ow today when I try to extend visa.. Please please help

Hi, i wish you can help me. Like you I made a 1 month extension visit insurance in al rajhi tawakul. I check the cchi and it is already there. But when i logged in the moi to extend my son visit visa the problem still there, no insurance coverage.  I did it yesterday afternoon, untill now i cannot extend my son visa. How long should i wait before it works in moi. Thanks in advance.

Hi, we have the same problem. I hope will resolve it at once. I am still working on it.

Hi I have same issue how can get insurance for visit visa for my mother  it will exper on 5

How u do plz tell me

Plz I need u r help

Hi, i had the visit visa insurance yesterday afternoon, its appearing in the cchi, but in moi its not, so i cannot extend the visit visa still. Ill update here if anything came up. Praying for good outcome.

Hi guys, just got finish extending my son visit visa. Thanks to God.
I used the Al Rajhi takaful for cooperative  insurance, from the menu go to individual sms, under that choose visit visa, there fill up everything it asks. Make sure you follow the instruction as it is like the visa duration. It must be the same as your original visa duration.

Thanks to this group , I learned everything I need to know . Hope my post help others too.

Help Me
i have done all the required formalities for the Visit visa Extension. but still i have not received my Policy Number from the Al Rajhi Takaful. i am trying to contact them but no response from their side. My Family visa is going to expire on 17th April. What shall I do?

You go to jawazaat and tell them about it. They will help you. You might have to pay some money there as I did.
Its not a problem.

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