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Hi everyone!
My name is Jodi and my husband has recently accepted a job at the airport in Isla Verde. We are moving in about 8 weeks and I am having a really hard time finding something to rent that allows my two emotional support dogs. Nobody responds to any of my inquiries. Will I have better luck going out there and walking into a realtor's office? I am also really nervous because I don't have a job lined up for myself. I have been a server/bartender for the last 15 years. I Have experience as an ultrasound tech, and I am a child development major in school. Do you think it will be hard for me to find work? I don't need to make a lot of money but making some would be helpful. Also if anyone has any information on universities that are good in the area that would be great. Any and all information anyone can share with me would be great!

Welcome Jodi! Do you speak any Spanish? That's a big factor for getting a job. Realtors are terrible at Communication and will be better once you are here to see apartments. Do you have one you are working with?

Hi Suzanne,

I don't know very much Spanish but I am working on that. I have contacted 15+ realtors, 2 responded but weren't any help. So no we're not working with anyone yet. Thanks for responding.

I can get you a good realtor if you want it.
Bartender may be difficult with no Spanish, but locals and tourist frecuente the bars. You may be able to work at Fort Buchanan or other federal type location but some Spanish may be needed.
Isla verde and condado are expensive to live and unfortunately with your lack of Spanish and an unemployment rate of 11.5 % it will be difficult. You may want to consider something a little farther away. Dogs are very common in PR but less so in multilevel condos.

I have 2 dogs in my apt but it was a challenge for sure. Working will be tough without Spanish but maybe a bartender in a hotel chain or something? Hopefully you can find some temp housing with the dogs until renting an apt. And I hope they are small -  finding apt with big dogs was really challenging


Thanks for responding, I am learning Spanish is going to be a necessity. I have seen a lot of condos in our budget in both isla verde and Condado I just can't find anyone that will respond to my questions. In the states it is against the law to not allow emotional support dogs. Do you know if is it the same in PR?

Same rules as the US mainland, however emotional support dogs are not working dogs so a little harder. I will send you a private message with his contact info in an hour. Busy right now.

You should contact an attorney about your dogs for the following reason:
1-pit bull and bull terriers are not permitted to be transported to the island. While it may or may not be enforced, there is a clear law about it.
2- based on some of my readings, a emotional support dog is not a working dog and as such does not have all of the same protections of the law.

On the good side is that a lot of people have dogs in PR so it is common for someone to want to rent with a dog. With tiled floors and concrete walls there is little damage to be done to a property.

Check with an attorney and based on that make plans.
While not a legal document this article has a lot of good info, your attorney is still your best choice

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Make sure that the Real Estate agent that you choose specialize in relocation.  That will save you a lot of worries.

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