Looking for an immediate start job as a foreigner in Singapore

Hi everyone,

I have been job hunting for almost a month (sending an average of 6 application daily) and so far nothing. Most places are only hiring Singaporeans even though they are very impressed with my CV.
Are there are any companies left that hire foreigners?

I am bilingual (italian and English mother tongue) and have 9 years teaching experience across three continents. In addition to that I have a modern language degree and a TEFL certificate and experience in school co-ordination and networking.

Please if anyone knows anybody hiring foreigners soon let me know asap.

Thank you

The problem is not companies that refuse to hire foreigners, but the legal requirement that foreigners can only be hired (and get a work pass) if there are no suitably skilled locals.
Since Singapore is English-speaking, teaching English will not do the trick. Teaching Italian might, but the opportunities are few, as you cannot do freelance or part-time work and Italian is not taught at most schools (if any).
You better focus on other niche skills you might have that are rare and in demand in Singapore.

I do have a friend who is currently working in SG. She's working in sales.. Westcon .
She told me it's really hard to find a job in SG. but Patience is a virtue . that's what we really need all the time. Be positive.

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