Hello all!  I am Reneelyn from the Philippines. I came here 8 days ago hoping to find a job after I retired teaching.  Unluckily, I'm still jobless but not hopeless.  Singapore is a great city and I'm sure my stay here will also be great.  Looking forward on working here. Positivity!!!!

8 days is a very short time for a job search.
Most hiring decisions take a month or longer, after the first interview.
And then you need to wait 1 - 2 months for the work visa to be processed.
Good luck!

Oh dear! patience is to be tested... just join me in my prayers. Thanks beppi.

Sorry, I don't pray (because I cannot decide which the many Gods I should address and  why), but I do wish you good luck!

Geee, sorry for that. Thanks anyway :top:

hi reneelyn, im planning to visit sg and apply also there, hoping for your success :)

Thanks.  Good luck to us both  :top:

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my extension is denied. I have to go back to the philippines this week. Goodbye singapore, goodbye cruel world.

Reneelyn R. Karunungan wrote:

goodbye cruel world.

That sounds bad.
Cheer up.

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