Looking to rent a room in Grand Bassam

Hello Everyone,

I would love to rent a room by the beach or not too far from the beach in Grand Bassam.

My only requirement is that it's internet accessible - very important and quiet :)

Would love a master bedroom with own bathroom and private entrance.

A studio would also be great!

Thanks, guys.

Patricia Jones

Hi Patricia,

Feel free to drop an advert in the Housing in Grand-Bassam section of the website so that you may get some offers.

All the best,

Hi [at]pchavers26

Could you please tell us how long do you want to stay in Grand Bassam  ?

Some bedrooms can be found in Hotel Resorts along the ocean with swimming pools. Daily cost around 35/40 000 CFA (~50 EUros)

Also some host rooms but not along the sea wand without swimming pool but possibly to prepare your cooking. I've not adress to give you but should be found on the net.

Best regards
Animateur Forum Cote d'Ivoire

Hello Bonanjo,

Thanks for contacting me regarding my ad for rooming in Grand Bassam. I'm looking for a studio like room with private entrance like a guest house or boys quarter in a private residence that could be rented to me. This is for a long stay so a hotel would not be the best choice. Also Something inexpensive with utilities included would be great, close to the beach would be great but not a must, must be internet accessible.


Not easy to find at a nice cost. But for long period, prices could be negotiated but what do you mean in long term ?? And what is your average budget ?

About six months, 80,000 CFA monthly including utilities

Not looking for anything fancy

Does not have to be in the heart of the city  - the farther it is the better

Thanks :)

I don't think you can find at this cost furnished and utilities (power, water and security)... but I've not really looked for it...

An option is to sleep a few nights in a small hotel (you should find bedrooms for 10 to 15 000 CFA/night?) and turn in the city to find a place... with the risk not to find what you need...

Another suggestion is to post your request in the french Forum and in french chapter Immobilier... I can help you to translate...



It does not have to be furnished and utilities do not have to be included.

Please may I have the link to the french forum and the immobillier?

Thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated :)


Hello Pat,

Here are the links :
- Grand Bassam french speaking forum
- Housing in Grand Bassam

Note that you can access these by changing the website's language and switching the flags in the top-right corner of the page.



Thanks Christopher for her..


You should find small flat not furnished at this price.

But be very careful, don't pay in advance (Western Union, ...) if you're not fully confident with the suggestion. It's much better to be present....


Thanks so much for the help Christopher :)

Thanks for you help Bonanjo :)


You can read the last posts on this link


Hello Bonanjo,

Thanks a lot that was very helpful :)

Hi Pat

How are you ? Did you find a housing as expected ??

It will be very interesting to get your feed-back.

Best regards


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