i'm looking for job in Saigon Ho Chi Minh

Hi there,
i'm an Egyptian man looking for a job in Ho Chi Minh City i prefer Saigon , is there some advice regarding finding a good work there with best salaries ?

Dear Egypt,
What kind of job are you looking for. Almost the foreigner come to Vietnam to become English teacher. If you want to looking for job in Vietnam , u can visite that website https://employer.vietnamworks.com/?lang=2
Good luck to you

Best salaries?
You'll need a university degree, a TEFL certificate and an IELTS score to justify the good salary. Whatever that is.
The best advice I can give you is to state your qualifications so that someone with similar qualifications can give you good, solid advice.

An IELTS score of 7 is required for a non-native speaker to even enroll in a CELTA class.  Based on my experience tutoring for IELTS and his admittedly limited writing sample, I don't think mr.egypt would ever score more than 5.0.

Of course this is not to say that unethical teacher placement agencies wouldn't place him as long as they could get their cut of his salary.

Thank you all for your efforts and time

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