Accepted method of payment for new apartment/villa

I am American and my wife is from Bach Lieu. We will move to HCMC in January and may consider buying an apartment/villa instead of renting. I have plenty to pay the full price from my account in the US. What sort of payment methods are acceptable?



Thanks for the reply. We actually purchased at Vin Homes Central Park last week. I decided the cash route because I got a better exchange rate which at over 5 billion dong it was a savings. I must say that whole process was a little nerve racking as I did not feel so comfortable counting out the money at Vietcome bank. In any event it is done

Did you literally take out cash at your bank and walked over to Vin homes bank to deposit it? Did you not get flagged for money laundering checks?

Let's say I have funds in a bank account outside of Vietnam. What's the best way to make transfer large sum of money like this to buy a place in Vietnam? Like safely and to get best exchange rates.

I won't be buying off plan so no small instalments but a lump sum. I have to think about cheapest and best way to get it over safely in future too.

Yeah, cash and gold, from their secret hiding place in the house.  :unsure

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