Travel to other European countries with a Belgium D Visa.


I am an Indian Citizen. I reached Brussels last week on a D visa in which it is mentioned as valid for "Belgique". It is not mentioned as "Schengen" anywhere in the stamp. I do not have a separate valid schengen visa now. So does this mean I cannot travel and visit any other place in Europe outside Belgium with this Belgique D visa until I get a residence card? Some one said so and some one else said its okay to travel once i receive annexure 15. Please clarify on this. Is it safe to visit some other place like Germany with just this visa or will this be checked in airports / train stations? Is there any recent change in rules regarding this?

Thank you! … 810:EN:NOT … durata.htm

Based on these sources and my understanding from them, you can travel freely inside Schengen area with the D type visa even if it says only "BELGIQUE", while waiting for your Residence Permit :)

In practical, there is no passport control inside schengen area, but do carry your passport all the time :)

Oh great, thank you Aneesh. That is what even I was thinking. And I did that without any issue when I was on Denmark visa 4 years back. But a colleague  told me recently , someone he knows was checked in an airline during return from a schengen country and they recommended him to take another airline in which they would allow. So he ended up spending for 2 tickets for entire family!

okay. It is a good idea to get a confirmation from the airline or consulate of the destination country.

hmm yes, i will try to do that or postpone such travels until i get residence card.

Be aware that Schengen covers only some countries in Europe and not all, when considering whether you can substitute as a visa national the requirement for visa with another type of visa / residence permit issued by a Schengen member when travelling around with your passport. So be aware which countries are not part of Schengen.

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But this doesnt clearly answer whether we can or its not recommended , '

Can someone update on this  ?

Read the official documentation quoted (links) above.

You can travel in Schengen zone on D visa while you wait for your residence permit to arrive.

Hello, Did you or anyone travel with D type visa to other schengen country while awaiting resident permit? Was it okay?
I have plans to travel to Greece by flight with my wife and child while they still await their resident permit of belgium and they have D visa in passport.
Can you please advise?

This FAQ can help too: … ons_en.pdf

Hello every one , My baby was born in Brussels 4 months ago , and i need to travel outside the EU .. i have a residence card that permits me to travel and come back without a visa but my baby doesn’t, he has only the birth certificate..  & as far as i know his ID card  will take along time in the commune to be done, so how can he travel with me in this situation ?
Your kind opinion please..

Please clarify what you mean by id card. Is your baby belgian? Id cards from. Belgian are only issued to Belgians? If npt Belgian, what nationality

Oh sorry .. he’s not Belgian.. He is iraqi like me .. i have an F card here in Belgium and eventually he will follow me but the process takes several months.. so how can he travel with me outside the EU ? Even if he receives an iraqi passport from the consulate, still not enough to enter Belgium again without a visa ?  If anyone knows a similar situation please reply .. thank you

He needs an national (Iraq) passport  and a Belgian residence permit (titre de sejour) to be able to travel outside EU and come back (technically even out of Belgium. Because your original question is about traveling outside EU, responding that way).

As he has birth certificate now, you need to go to the commune where you are registered and check if he is already in your family composition (you can also check this online via irisbox). I believe you know the procedure to apply for his national passport. Once he has his national passport, you can get apply for his Belgian residence permit. After you have this document he can travel outside Belgium.

Ok but his residence permit will take several months.. is there an exception for babies ? Like a temporary travel document or something like this ?

Not in my knowledge. You may ask the commune.

You need an Iraqi passport and Belgian residence card to travel ANYWHERE outside Belgium, not just outside the EU. In any case, there is no single set of rules for travel inside the EU.

You will be able to travel in the SCHENGEN area (note this is not aligned with EU though most members are EU) without an additional VISA. Just to recall, for Schengen area travel, you need an Iraqi passport + Belgian residence card.

Other than Schengen countries, most other countries in the world you'll need in addition a VISA as Iraqi nationals.

Ok .. thanks for your help

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