Dog Friendly Residence for first few weeks in KL

NEEDED - SHORT-TERM dog-friendly, serviced appartments / residence needed.

We are moving to KL in Jan 2017 but will need a dog friendly residence for the first few weeks while we wait for our container of furniture to arrive before we can move into our house. 
We do not need estate agent involvement as we already have someone securing the long-term house. 
This is a temporary, short term need so all we need is the name of complexes or residences that offer short-term leases and are pet friendly.

Children will be going to Alice Smith Schools (primary and secondary campuses) so somewhere convenient to those locations, family-orientated environments, gated, safe and green would be what we would like. 
Damansara Heights, Mid Valley, Bukit Tunku, Bangsara

Hi Wardhaugh,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Kuala Lumpur section of the website while pointing out your requirements. You might have some offers.

All the best,

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Thanks for your reply.  I was looking for a place to rent for a month for the family rather than shared accommodation so I don't think that'll be appropriate.

thanks for your reply.  have posted as suggested.

Ok, no problem!

Were you able to find a dog friendly condo? We are looking for a place to live for 2 years, with our dog.

thanks for your help!


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