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Hi everyone. I just found this site today while searching for information about the long stay visa. I'm in a relationship with a guy from Breda and we are planning to apply for the visa early next year. I just wanna ask what are the minimum requirements that we should consider in applying MVV and do they consider also the span of time of our relationship?

I will appreciate everyone's comments, suggestions & help with this matter and for that I wanna thank you in advance. Hope to meet you someday 😊

Please be aware of one most important thing!
I do not say the following to scare you but keep it in mind always.
The Embassy is not really a honest institution because they are handling a discourage policy.
What does this mean , well simple my dad was consul at the Dutch embassy and he told me that they are have to take care that as less people get a MVV so take care you have all the appropriate documents ready. Now let me tell you what is most important to have.
1. a valued passport with at least a valued duration of 5 years
2. salary slips of your spouse (who stand guarantee for you)
3. they will ask you about the duration of your relationship and even asking for proof of this now pay attention to the following by law you do not have to provide letters and chats this is falling under the privacy laws within the EU so please do never provide this to them they can and will use this against you for sure!!!
4. question, you say you are in a relationship? this is not the same as a mariage do understand this also. The best is to ask your boyfriend to visit you there get married and apply for a apostile stamp, then when this is done go back to the embassy and request for a family reunion since you are legally married they cannot deny you a MVV anymore, this is actually the most secure way to handle with this within the Dutch Embassy.
5. You get a 6 month visa and during this time when you are in Holland you have to go to the local IND and request for a MVV in Holland this taken a minimum time of 1 month.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to send me your email adress and I will reply to you for sure.
also take a look at this website and read yourself what I just told you is based on facts. … ds0508.pdf … therlands/ … _visa.html

Thanks for the info😊

Hi Henkjan,

Good day,hope you dont't mind me asking some few questions as my fiance and I are considering to live in NL.  Should i take a civic exam first before he applies in the IND for letter of advice? That way he can check in the application form that (hopefuly i will pass) that I have done the exam and passed it.


Henk that was a lot of bull from you

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