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i am currently in Qatar, i am a Gambian and needs to rellocate to singapore for work, pls any links to an employer or a sponsor. i will love to get your responses . i can work as a proffessional cleaner. samateh Manding is my name

Cleaning jobs for foreigners in Singapore come in two categories:
1. Maid for a private family
2. Employed by a janitor company (e.g. office cleaning)

Private maids are badly paid (usually S$300 or so per month), must live with the employing family and have very limited freedoms. It's a modern kind of slavery, if you ask me.
But anyway, as you are not from one of the approved source countries for maids (all of them poor countries in Asia), this avenue is not available to you.

To be employed by a janitor company, you must contact them and apply. I don't think your chances from abroad are very good, though.
Be aware of placement agents who promise you a job and/or visa for a (high) fee - most of them are cheats or scammers. Only a company hiring you can apply for your work visa (after you signed the employment contract with them)  and there should be no cost for you!

Thanks for your response, pls can you give me any of the janitor company's contact for me to contact them. Thanks

Office cleaning is not my field - and anyway I think you must do your homework yourself.

To add, Singapore government only recognizes few countries to allow as maid (not every poor countries in Asia as mentioned). Chinese people are not allowed to apply maid jobs in SG but developed countries like South Korea, HK & Macau (2 separate administrative regions of China), Taiwan people can work as maid here, even Malaysian can work as maid here.

Below are few janitor companies for your search, you may try to reach them directly but chances are low as Beppi said.

As Beppi said beware of cheaters who ask money for your visa processing or any other fees as such. In SG, this is illegal though few unregulated market like this, where cheaters in these companies take advantage of that. Good luck.

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