Pets in Puerto Rico

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Puerto Rico have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Puerto Rico? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Puerto Ricans think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


We brought our Jack-Russel to Puerto Rico 9 years ago. She needed her vaccines up to date, a health certificate and I think a chip, but not sure about it any more. We had no problems to bring her here with us.
At the moment we have 3 dogs (I picked up 2 from the streets) 2 cats (one from a shelter and one from the street and a horse.
In our street the people are fine with our animals. The dogs sleep inside and are quiet at night. The cats catches the rats and mice so I guess that's good and the horse doesn't make trouble neither.
Here in Mayagüez almost nobody walks there dogs so we are an attraction, because we walk them twice a day and I take the neighbours dog too because he is tight up outside his whole life.
Sometimes we take the horse and dogs together and people in their cars freak out when they see us. They scream out of the cars or use their hornes, oh well!
I think they don't really care about animals. In Germany my neighbours would talk bad about me, having so many animals, here it's ok. Many people have 3 or more dogs. But many don't take care of them, too sad!
You can take the dogs to many beaches, but not in restaurants etc..
To adopt our cat was easy. We had to pay for the castration and vaccines and that was it!
Our horse lives in our garden.  That would not have been possible in Germany and we love it!

Is that the horse that sits on your lap?

On my lap? :D
That's our sata dog who adopted us. Like my wife says, that dog lives on you. When I'm at my desk the dog wants to be on my lap.

Many locals aren't too good to pets. Many dogs and cats live on the street and may or may not come "home" and get fed. Quite some people have a dog on a chain 24/7/365.

I walk my dog and she can't leave the property unless somebody is careless and leaves a gate open. Like Marion-Olga I am an attraction when walking the dog. The people in the barrio call her "La princesa". :)

Meet La Doga:

We did bring our rescue with us and he has done fine. We are not accustomed to dogs being off leashes and lots of homeless animals. We have had our dog groomed monthly and continued with his flea/tick treatment and just hope it works! You really can't control stray dogs/cats on your property. Good luck and love all pets

In MA I do not walk my 2 dogs, we have a large fenced in area. They let me know when they want to go out and I sit outside while they do their business.
They are in the house, couch, bed all day long and want to be pet constantly.
They are my children specially since they are small but full grown dogs, 1 Yorki 6-pounds and 1 long hair Chihuahua 10-pounds.
I just spend 3500 on one of them that has heart problems.

The yorki is so short that she can not go up steps :lol:

We will definately bring Pancho and Keana with us. they are both older and small. Pacho a rescue chihuahua and Keana is indeed la princesa! Little Eskie and still a puppy at 10. We will for sure walk them.

What a sweety!! :heart:


I think it is like everywhere else, some people like pets and others don't. Locals do respect those who take care of their pets and don't let them roam wild, but there are SO SO many wild dogs and cats that are living on the streets or even the beach. We often carry a bag of dog food in the car because we encounter so many homeless and hungry dogs.

Great idea, SSabrina6!

I have two dogs rescued from the beach. They have traveled back ad forth to New York.  At dawn, they go for a run while I go for my walk, with their 'cousin' who was also a beach rescue. We all meet back at my place where they get Chewies and I have my first cup of coffee. In the afternoon they are on leads.  There is one lady in my neighborhood who has a fear of dogs, which I respect, so that is a reason why they are all on leads when most of the neighbors are awake. 
Adoption is easy here. Find a dog wandering around then bring it to your veterinarian to get it started on a healthy lifestyle.  You have made a friend for life.

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