Living in Angola

You are living in Angola, or you used to live in Angola.

Share your experience!

How would you describe life in Angola?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find an accommodation and a job?

Is it complicated to make friends in Angola?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Angola?

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Hello everyone !
As in many other countries, Angola has different faces and it's never easy to answer a question by a "do that and it's this".
As an Angolan myself, the way I lived in Angola was way different from what other compatriots could live. I was raised in a overprotected shell and I don't know that much about how Angolans my age grew up (it's sad, but it is what it is).

When people ask "I want to know everything", it's very difficult to answer as well. When foreigners go to Angola to live, it will always be different from one case to another. For example, the expat working for an oil company won't have the same lifestyle the expat working in education or engineering, or the humanitarian. They will certainly live better than most of the locals, but never the same way.

I will try to post and surely try to make my siblings living in loco post as well as they sure know more than I'll ever do.
I'll gather the different topics that could help out one way or another in the future.

Kandando (hug, the Angolan way)

Safety Issues

I've read MANY negative feedbacks about Angola and yet many people want to visit the country. That's amazing. It's not dificult to make friends in Angola the locals like to socialize. (try to make friends in Europe! It's a painful experience)

my procedure is going on for coming to luanda.

can i have some advice from you all friends?

Hello Ramesh_G. :)

Do you have questions?

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