Family Reunion Visa... Need Information


I tried to look in the old forum posts but i did not find a case quite like us. I would really appreciate if someone can give us some information if you or someone you know had similar situation.

I am from India and my wife is from Belgium but we are living in south america for over 5 years now, because of my wifes health issues we want to move back to Belgium but however we dont have a clear path to get a visa for me to find a job and start working.

I saw several people who are already in belgium and are able to bring spouse/partner to belgium but in my case we both are living out of EU and my wife cannot show any financial support documents to prove that she has steady income in belgium .

Can someone please help us with information that you know that might work to get me a visa?

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As a Belgian spouse, you apply for a spouse visa. Quite simple to google. … 40ter.aspx

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