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I want to ask such same question but maybe there are some differences.

I am an Indonesian who studied in a small city called Semarang, Indonesia as an architect. I was working in a local architecture company in Jakarta (my current city) for 2 years 2mths, and now working in a Singapore architecture company in Jakarta. I have 3,8 years experience as an architect. I was offered a job in a Malaysian developer with subsidionary in Singapore (different with my previous companies but still as an architect). The company applied an S Pass for me with salary start from 2,800 SGD and they just told me that the S Pass got rejected. HR also not sure the reason of the rejection. They are now can not login with their FIN to check. It is so weird for me. I also checked the SAT test from the MOM website, the result of my visa should have an S Pass eventhough I tried to change my salary higher than 2,800. They want to try make an appeal but still waiting the problem abt the FIN number. So can u please give me a suggestion? I had struggling a lot to get this job and afraid of being terminated.

Thank You so much.

With a (recognised) university degree in architecture, your salary in Singapore should be much higher than just S$2800/month - and you should get an EP instead of S-Pass (which is for semi-skilled people with technical certificates, not university degree holders).
I think this is the most likely reason for rejection, but there are others possible as well: The employer must have room for you in their foreigner quota, and there must be no suitable locals to hire (I am not familiar with the architectural field to tell you if there is a shortage of Singapore architects, so they could hire you).
An appeal is only worth it if they include additional information that was not part of the original application. Just saying "Please look at it again" is a waste of time.

Hi Beppi,

Thank you very much for your reply. I understand about it.
So you mean, one of the possibility to make the appeal successful is increasing the salary?

Is it weird if they could not login with the same FIN number after rejection? They do not tell me about the reason because they also do not know the reason.

I am quite sure that they have a space for a foreigner because they already calculated it to the MOM website online calculation.

Thank you.

They should re-apply for an EP with an appropriate salary. The minimum EP salary for a fresh graduate is S$3300/month. With your experience, I guess you should be at 3800-4000.
I cannot comment on the login error - but they can call MoM about it.

Dear Beppi,

Thank you very much for your information. I will ask them for further information. Wish me luck!

Thank You!

Dear Beppi,

I had been told my employer that government said that I am not eligible to have the pass and need to look for another candidate. They asked gov about the eligible criteria and gov refused to say it. HR also asked if it is possible to appeal, gov said there will be no use and just try to find another candidate, as I have no bad record at all. So, Do u think it is still related with the EP?

Thank you!

The answer means that you have no chance to get the pass they applied for, regardless of appeal or changed circumstances. Therefore MoM advised the company to look for another candidate.
It does not necessarily mean that you cannot get any work pass, e.g. for another job at another company.

Dear Beppi,

So it isn't related with the S Pass instead of E Pass or just somehow no reason to reject my S Pass because no reason of rejection at all.

Thank You.

MOM does not give reasons for rejection to prevent candidates from tailor-making / embellishing / souping up their CVs to suit the positions when they are not "qualified" for the jobs per se.

Architects are regulated by Statutory Legislation under the Architects Act (Cap 12) which requires registration by both local and foreign persons.

No person shall use verbally or otherwise the word "Architect" or any of its derivatives in connection with any business designation that will lead to the belief that the person is an architect unless the person is registered with the Board of Architects (BOA) in Singapore.

You have to check with The BOA the general qualifications and requirements for registration.


The Board is responsible for evaluation of applications for admission to the Register of Architects.

Dear FJY,

Thank you very much for your information,

I understand about the reason of rejection.

So you mean I am not an architect until I get the title from BOA, eventhough I am a registered member of Architect Organization in Indonesia (like BOA)?

If my rejection is related to the requirement from BOA it means I can not work in any architecture firm in Singapore?
I am not sure about it. Because I have some friends from Indonesia are now working in Singapore and what is their title then?

So I assume you are now talking about the requirement of becoming a registered architect through BOA and shall not use the word "Architect" in Singapore if I have not registered yet. It is not related for any architecture firm Singapore, right?

Thank you.

Notwithstanding the fact that the ASEAN Agreement on Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on Architectural Services was signed by the ASEAN Economic Ministers since 20 November 2007. There are still many licensed and trained foreign architects in their respective countries from ASEAN working in Singapore only as Architectural Draftsman because of licensing issues, etc.

Read the article below to understand the issue :

Quote :

"He added that Filipinos working in architects' offices in Singapore are licensed and trained architects. “They work in Singapore to do support work to help us document, elaborate and develop our designs.” Because of licensing issues, however, they cannot call themselves architects in Singapore,"

http://business.inquirer.net/179804/fil … -singapore

Dear FJY,

I understand. Thank you for your information.

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