Can i find a job related to tourism in Rennes ?

HI. We are moving in a few months to Rennes ( me and my small daughter). For 18 years I am working on Crete in tourism. Speaking 4 languages (Russian, English, Greek, French). What do you think could I find job in Rennes, which would be also connected with tourism? I love France and Bretagne. It's my dream to live there.

There are 3 millions unemployed in France. If you could choose a better country for you and your daughter i will recommend it to you.
Seriously this is not a good country to be .No dreams here.
Im French by the way.

Chatarine I do not agree, everybody who want to work it will find.... my job is also working in Tourism...

Alors bonne chance a vous. De tout coeur.

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Hi, I just read your post. So did you find your dream job around Rennes or was Catherine right? :-)

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