Moving from south africa

Hi all...we will be movin to Panama in July next year...we have 3 sons and hubby is an expat worker...we are so looking forward to it...

Hi Mjwoest,

Welcome to :)

If you have any questions about Panama, please feel free to ask.
There are also some information on the Panama forum, do not hesitate to go through some articles or some topics.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Also under the community tab, ( above)  click on blogs, for great info from expats that are living here.

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Hi, I also moved to panama two years ago from South Africa, where we lived as expat for 6 years,
Let me know if you have any particular question,.

Hi there which company or laywer assisted you withr visa

welcome to panama with children understand that schooling for non spanish speaking children is one of the most expensive aspects of panama living ,, self school thru internet and online books works but still mixing with panamanians and daily practice is the only way to progress ,, stay in touch i have been here 17 yeras and be happy to help ,, ciao michael Marcos Kraemer helped us and many others and did an excellent job. It’s very important that you get a good lawyer.

chereejonck :

Hi there which company or laywer assisted you withr visa

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