Best Veterinary clinic in Dammam/Khobar

I'm looking forward for suggestions on the best veterinary clinic in Dammam/Khobar for my dog.

There are 3 good clinics in Khobar that I know. Khobar Veterinary Clinic, OKA and Advanced Pet Clinic. For minor things like vaccinations etc I recommend OKA as it is a smaller clinic, Advanced Pet Clinic is  good for more specialist things like blood tests and laboratory services but it is quite expensive. Khobar Veterinary Clinic is also good but does not have a lab. I attached their contact numbers, you can call and get the locations pretty easily or search their names on Google. Hope this helps.

Khobar Veterinary Clinic: 0138575173
Advanced Pet Clinic: 0138892244
OKA: 0138955102

Do they a rabies vaccine in OKA clinic same as the Khobar clinic...thanks

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