River Depth(s)

I realize that this varies according to location as well as season. However, generally speaking, are the river waters around PP generally shallow or deep? Max/min average depth by season? Is there someplace I could find this info? I already found an extensive report on "deep pools". No (what are considered to be deep pools) are located near PP. Anyone have just an idea of the hi/lo in this area?

In order to operate my business, I need 8ft. of water.

Cambodia had its great history for famous river that brought best wishes for people. And the mostly sight was noticed Phnom Penh, had 4 banks of the great river which called Chaktumok River it had joined by 4 GREAT Rivers likely Mekong Leu River, Mekong Krom River, Basac River and Tonle Sap River.
For depths of river it is according to season high/low of rain. But its depths is everage 10m to 13m in rainy season and drought season approximately 5m to 8m.

Oh! Awesome! Wow! All I need is 8ft., (less than 3 meters), so no worries! Thank you Theara. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to answer me. Would you know who I should make my first call to, to ask about what I need to do to get specialized permits? No one else has done this particular activity there, so there is no precedent yet.

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