How is the Transport systems in Singapore?

How is the transport systems in SIngapore? Like going to work and going places.

Public transport is excellent and cheap - you can cover any place in Singapore within an hour and pay no more than S$2.50. You are always within easy walking distance to a bus or MRT/LRT stop.
Alternatively you can take a taxi, of which there are plenty (except during rush hour).
Singapore is ridiculously expensive for having your own car (costs are higher than taking a taxi wherever you go!) and the good public transport makes it completely unnecessary.

To start let us say that singapore is one of the places where commuting is the easiest. A combination of Super efficient MRT trains and buses have covered the city really well. They mostly run on time, available at short intervals and fairly economical as well.
For the last mile connectivity you can walk which is healthy as well
Should you feel not comfortable Travelling by trains or buses, there is uber or grab service which is relatively cheaper than the normal taxi, but tends to jack up prices during the peak hours.
Unless you are looking at a car as a status symbol, one can live in singapore easily without a car

I suggest you use uber pool or Grab its much cheaper. Check out for the promo code on line

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