Ghananian expat in asia

Please contact me if you have job opportunities in asia for ghananian citizen. Or able to guide and provide tips for ghananian citizen.

Appreciate your help.

(Your profile says you are citizen of Brunei - is that incorrect?)

In principle, Ghanaian expats have the same rights and chances in Singapore (and other Asian countries) as other non-Asian expats. You need to find a job first and the employer will apply for your work visa. However, both the employer must be allowed to employ foreigners (there are quotas and requirements to hire locals first) and you must be eligible (which means niche skills that are in demand in Singapore, applicable work experience and for most jobs paper certificates).
I said in principle because, sadly, racism against dark-skinned people is common, so in reality you may face more hurdles than others.

Im helping a very good friend of mine.

Thank you for your input

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