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Hi All

Seems to be a common topic but not too much recent that I can see here, am living in Saigon long term and looking to start or join an existing tennis group. Singles or doubles is ok. Would be playing evenings or weekends after work, my level would intermediate/advanced. District 1/3/2/7 anywhere within 5-7km from the centre really.

Seems you need to send a PM as cant post contact details here, so let me know guys..... :)



Hi Nico,
I'm Heng. Just move in HCMC recent week.
Keen to play some tennis but still looking for place and player.
Let's me know if you are keen to play next coming weekend.

Best regards

Hi! I am interested in playing tennis as well.
My level is more intermediate than advanced, though.

Let me know if interested ;)

Have a nice Sunday



I am playing in a small tennis group in D4 HCMC, which consists of intermediate members from various countries, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany, Philippine and Italy.
We play both of doubles and singles depends on the circumstances every Monday evening and one more another weekday.

If you are interested in us, let's exchange information more.



We are playing double in D1 on Sats and Suns morning till noon, looking for more intermediate/advance players to join our group. It's FREE!

Feel free to PM me for more details, please!


Yes I'm interested.  What area do you play.  Ray

Hi Ray,

We are playing tomorrow (Sun) from 10am to 1pm, inside district 1's Police Station on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, you can text me before you call me at this number please: *** My name is Teddy.

We also play on Sats from 7am to 11am. We can talk more when we meet.


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Hi teddy Ray here.  Tried to ring you but out of credit ,don't know where to top up at the moment. If I can find out where I can top up I'll try and ring tonight (sat night) . Didn't expect a reply so soon so I haven't got a racquet yet. But I'm going to district 1 Sunday morn so I will pop in and say anyway if that's ok .  Cheers ray

Teddy-Are you still playing tennis on Saturday mornings? If so. i would like to join. I am a 4.0 for the USA. Steve

You can find tennis players on the website

Rickvn-I don't understand.  is this a sports newspaper site?  Steve

Hi Steve, we're still playing on Sats and Suns, same place same time. You're welcome to join us. PM me for more details, please!


Thanks Teddy-Do you have an address or some more specific info about the location? I can't find it on the map. Steve

Hi Steve, we are playing inside the D1 Police Station, the address is about 76-78 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, D1. Sats from 7am to 11am, Suns from 10am to 1pm. Welcome!


Thanks. I will join you on Saturday.

Great Steve! I'll be there, come and ask for Teddy on course #1

Hi Nico,

Thank you for your post.
I am looking for tennis group to play either singles or doubles. I my level is intermediate/advance.  Is there a way we could connect?  I am new on this board and not sure about the protocol of giving out contact info.  Any suggestions?

Hi Teddy,

I would like to join your group at the police station on Sat. and Sunday. 

My name is Anthony.

Thank you.

I will be moving to Vietnam this Sept. Will be looking for tennis partner too.  :)

Will be moving back to Ho Chi Minh city and look for some hitting.

My level is somewhere around 3.3-3.5. A female, so not much a hard-hitter, but can manage various types of shots.

Hi Sympl

We are group tennis so we play in district 2-thao-dien
Don t hesitate to join us when you heve free time

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Still looking for playing tennis? I'm interested!


Call me ***for play tennis

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