Improve my English in Antwerp

I´m Spanish and I am trying to improve my English. For me would be perfect find somebody for meet some evenings for drink coffe, and speak in English. Or maybe if somebody know english courses, please talk me about it.


Hi Sonia86, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope you get lot of new contacts on the site. Do not hesitate to participate in other discussions on the forum.

I wish you good luck

I can maybe help you once im moved out there in summer if ur still stuck lol

Thank you hannah, but I need something now :)

Its cool

hi sonia,

i can help you in english . if possible u will teach me spanish.


it is perfect!!!if you help me with my English I can help you with your spanish :D. Send me your e-mail and we talk about it.

khalid I think if you live in Brussels and I in Antwerp maybe is complicate to meet because I work every day.....

Hi Sonia86, how about meeting over skype? Would that be something you are interested in? I would love to learn some Spanish, I do know enough just to pick up the main thought, but not enough for conversation.

hello Snia, i live in Antwerp and would be willing to do some exchange and learn some spanish as well:)

check out too -- i wrote to someone and asked them if they would meet and language exchange.  it worked out really well.

Hey Manuela, I don't work either, I'd be happy to get together with you sometime.

Hey...can i join the english gang...maybe i can get to learn a wee bit of spanish myself.


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