Relocating to Mauritius - grand Baie

Currently in discussions with an investment company to relocate from Durban, South Africa to Mauritius, Grand Baie is the proposed village for relocation.

Where to find info on:

- accomodation to rent (long term)
- cost of living (rent, food, electricity costs, satellite TV, petrol costs and other associated costs)
- Can you relocate your family pets, 2 dogs and a cat?
- what are the legalities around your girlfriend relocating with me, can she seek employment and what permits are required?
- is 100,000 rupees a month a good start in terms of earnings?

Looking at relocating in March 2009.

Hi Wendill,

You should have a look to the cost of living in Mauritius topic

About the pets, I think it's possible but I don't know the procedure.

As long as you are not married, your girlfriend must find a job here and get a work permit (she can also work as a self employed and ask for a occupation permit as self employed).

I also recommend you to read this thread: Living in Mauritius

Yes, 100 000rs is a pretty good start

Hi Julien,

Thanks so much for the response and info.

Will keep on researching, as I am so excited and all the research I have been doing already has made me feel like I am there already!!!


You're very welcome!

If you've got more questions, do not hesitate to ask ...


I'm just in process of relocating two dogs from Belgium which for us is lucky as the process is minimum 1 month quarantine in Mauritius.   

But here is a reply from a South African we managed to contact who'd been thru the pets thing from SA with his two dogs.  It's a bit daunting.  Mauritius being an island and rabies free is very protective of its status so the rules are very strict.

"Don't know what information you've already gathered… last year when we were planning our move from SA to Mauritius there wasn't a lot of info available on the net… Best to talk directly to the people at the quarantine facility in Reduit (They fall under government department: Ministry of Agro-Industry & Fisheries (Division of Veterinary Services - Reduit))… our contacts were Mr Douly + 230 454 1017 and Mr Naiko + 230 454 1016. Mostly we spoke to Mr Douly as his English is much better.. he'll be able to send you a "specimen copy" of an import permit for dogs.

Best get cracking at it right away… there were several tests (bloodwork) to be done over a period of 5-6 months before we could move our pets…this was mainly due to rabies testing as SA is not a rabies-free area. (But all will be detailed in the import permit according to the country of export)

Cost of import permit was Rs 500 per pet plus Rs 500 admin fee (as at December 2007)

I'd recommend you come have a look at the facility if you can… then you'll have a better idea of what you're getting into… It really is very basic… I was quite shocked when I saw it for the first time.. we had already been committed to the move to Mauritius when we saw it for the first time…so there really was nothing for it… but to sit it through.

Visiting hours are as follows:
Mon – Fri: 9.00 am – 11.00 am, 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm
Sat, Sun, Bank holidays: 9.00 am – 11.00 am

There is an "exercise yard" available during visiting hours…if you're not there early…you queue…but most people we met there were very considerate and it was never a problem… If you don't visit your pets they won't get exercise.

I've uploaded some photographs of the quarantine enclosures at the following link – not pretty – we requested our 2 dogs be housed together – seems most people do it that way.
There are enclosures of different size depending on the size of your dogs, but all of them are long, narrow concrete "stalls" with meshed roofing. There is a closed section at the back with a wooden pallet (slightly raised from the floor) as bed. You'll have to provide bedding yourselves.

The stalls are hosed down and cleaned daily from corner to corner. I know I'm not painting a pretty picture – the stalls are very basic – but it is kept clean and there is shelter in case of rain. I don't believe there are health-risks.

Provision is made for fresh drinkwater every day and in most stalls there are taps.

With regard to food: daily food per dog is Rs25 (this was the same for all sizes – Great Dane vs Yorkie - bizarre) – consists of cooked rice and vegetables. – we took our own dogfood (crocettes). They're fed once a day – we requested them be fed twice daily and the personnel were happy to oblige. Weekends and bank holidays the personnel knock off early and then the dogs only had 1 meal.

The personnel duties include cleaning stalls and feeding only. I washed my dogs every 2 weeks and frontlined them myself. It falls to you to monitor your pets' wellbeing and request a vet if necessary. In our case it was never needed".

Hi Kiwicelt,

Your blog post is greatly appreciated and we shall certainly get in touch with the appropriate authorities in good time!

Are you now based in Mauritius and how are you finding the lifestyle?

We are trying to cost a standard living lifestyle for 2 adults, no kids and 3 animals!

I have been guessing 70,000 Rs would cover rent, vehicle, food, etc...

Again thank you so much for the info.



No we've not arrived in Mauritius yet. 
Did a reccy trip last month, but doesn't really tell you that much.  Read other posts on forums  for info about lifestyle, costs etc - Julien has answered lots of similar questions elsewhere. 
We live in heart of Brussels so will be a bit of lifestyle change, its snowing as I type!  I would think 70k will give you a good lifestyle.  With pets you'll probably have to live in a stand alone house, not a complex which makes it slightly more expensive.  Houses seem to be 30k+.
Re girlfriend coming across (assume it is a Board of Investment Occupational Permit you will come in on) , I believe as long as you can prove you have lived together for six months then the authorities will allow your girlfriend to be a "dependant". There is a bond to pay (I think about 20k) and you have to have a letter to say you will cover all costs etc.  This however doesn't give a right to a work permit, that has to be applied for by her separately once she is in Mauritius but then you get paid local salary!
However, you should get your company to do the legal legwork for your particular circumstances.  I have to rely heavily on staff in my company in Mauritius to help clarify a lot of stuff.

Hi, lemme just add some salt in the discussion. As far as girlfriend is concerned, you won't be allowed to declare as dependent. The bond is for family members,.. but unless you can show some kind of civil status documents (as in French concubinage allows 6 months renewable dependent permit for PACS).

Proving to have lived for 6 months doesn't stand. They require official paper.

For quarantine, for South Africa it's 6 months. But we have been able to get the pets out sooner on some particular reasons... strong ones, of course!

Hi Nadeem, thank you so very much for your posting and insight, it is valued.
We are going to have my company employ my girlfriend as well myself, this will make it easier as the work permit will be granted before we arrive in Mauritius.
We are looking forward to taking a look at the various aspects of our move early next year.
Thus get a first hand impression of where we need to find accomodation, food pricing, other paperwork requirements etc...
Take care, have a super day!

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