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Hi all,

Need your opinion on this, I recently got employed by a shipping company based in Singapore as a marketing executive and they told me they have the quota and hence my s pass was applied on 17th Oct 2016 but I just got to know today that it has been rejected stating that the candidate is not qualified.  I am an Indonesian and a recent graduate from Singapore Institute of Management having less than a years experience, the company told me that they will apply again and see the outcome is there any additional details that I have to give and how is the success rate?

This topic had discussed many times, if you scroll down then can find many such topics are discussed again and again. Nevertheless, there is nil success rate of resubmit the same person's pass application as part of an appeal to reconsider. Unless until there is some material changes example earlier you had submitted any wrong information which is correcting this time or additional qualification recognized by MOM or salary hike with a better position then MoM may consider to revisit your application but no guarantee that they will approve, other than that very slim chance.

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As Surya said, something needs to change substantially to make an appeal or re-application successful. In your case it is either your credentials or the requirements of the job. Since we don't know them, we can't really help further.

OK thanks a lot guys, but what if I get another job within the salary range of 2.5- 3k  and my s pass will be applied will there be any problem after being rejected the first time?

I already lost 2 job offers and still trying my luck cause I dont give up so easily.

do let me know guys


A new application at another employer will be evaluated on its own merit.
If you qualify for that new job better than the first, you may be approved, but there is no guarantee.

Hi Rick,

My Pass just got rejected also, Did your company appeal for you ?

Any good news ?


the company told me that if they send my application for appeal the chances are very less and they can not apply E-pass for me as not suitable yet, so tough luck. Right now I am looking again but as you know the Singapore job market is at its worse in years. However you can try asking your company for a work permit pass which is valid for 6 months or if they can appeal for you with supporting documents to show you are capable of the job better than the locals.


Hmm.. What I know Indonesian only eligible for S Pass, not sure about the working permit,

They told me that they will appeal, but I pessimist its will be approved after reading that so many cases still rejected even after appeal.

Good Luck to you

No thats not true, but if you are a fresh Graduate with 1 or less than a years experience then you only qualify for S-pass, anyways keep on applying elsewhere and dont lose hope.

Goodluck to you too. Let me know any positive response.


Yeah, I graduated in 2015 without experience in Singapore but 6 years working experience overseas.

Hopefully after appeal there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks. Good luck to you and don't loose faith

Quick Question:  does having a degree not related to the job specified increases your chances of  the work pass getting rejected?

for example the degree BSc Accounting and Finance and Job in Sales and marketing but with experience in the specific field.  How is that addressed?


The degree needs to be in the field you want to work in.

Most likely will not be granted Even tough you are in line with your academic background you pass is not granted will be approved. Have your hiring company trying to appeal your rejected pass ? I'm curious on how many % approval chance when company appealing for your pass upon rejected.

linrobin77 wrote:

I'm curious on how many % approval chance when company appealing for your pass upon rejected.

If appealing with no additional information that might change MoM's view: 0% approval chance.
If appealing with additional information which was not included in the original application and which shows that the applicant (company and job seeker) are eligible: 100% approval chance.

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