how to go about employment over there ?

Hi, my name is Emmanuel. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and would love to move to Belize. Please I need suggestions on how to go about employment over there. Thanks

you cant, jobs are for locals

This is a question we see often on this forum. While Katzgar's answer is generally correct, it is the short answer, but there are options available.  Please search some of the other threads for opinion and advice. This is my "copy and pasted" reply to this question on another thread. I hope it helps.

Belize is a small, generally poor country with high unemployment. The government does protect is industries and jobs for it's own people. It is generally impossible to just move here and get a work permit for any job that can be done by a Belizean. If you have a rare skill or one not common in Belize then it becomes easier. The main two options expats tend to exercise are firstly to open their own business or to work online and make a living from a business outside of Belize.

Belize welcomes expats that open businesses and then hire locals (you will still require permits to work in the business). Sometimes this is the way to go and the cheap labor here often makes it feasible. That been said it is important to find a niche that provides a needed service and does not compete with a local business or growing a business may be difficult.

The other option is to become a resident of Belize. This is the option I have chosen. This can be a long process that can take between two and three years. In order to qualify for Permanent Residency you must live in Belize for one full year and not leave for more than 14 days total in that year. After that time you may apply to become a Permanent Resident and then it will usually take another year to be accepted but can be up to two years.  For this option you will require enough savings to sustain you through the residency process (as long as three years). Once you have acquired residency you have all of the same rights as a Belizean except for the right to vote (unless you are from a commonwealth county) and would not be considered a citizen, but you would be entitled to work any job you like. So again depending on your reality this may also be an option. Here is my article on the residency options in Belize and how they will affect your ability to work.

Belize is not a country that makes processes easy for expats (or for locals for that matter), but it is not impossible either as long as you have time and patience.

We found that most things in Belize including jobs, rentals, etc. are not generally advertised but are spread by word of mouth, so having that down time required to obtain residency has allowed us to get to know people, explore the country, and put us in a better position to hear about opportunities as they come up.

Here is a link to my article on finding employment in Belize.
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