Looking for a house or apartment

I'm looking for a house or apartment at HCMC.
District 3,4,5,10,Phu Nhuan is ideal location.
Budget is usd 450∼500.
From 03/12/2016.
1 year or more.
Please contract me ASAP !
Thank you.

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My requirement is mentioned above.
Thank you for your message.

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Hello takataka :cheers:

You may check out rental adverts in our Housing in HCMC section of the site. Droping an advert in that section may help too


I have been checking expat.com but still can't find yet...
Thank you for your advice.

Good Morning

           My name is Kumpanat nice to meet you. I'm a foreigner original from Thailand bot I moved from New Jersey, USA. I have friend work for properties agency. Could you give a phone number or contact to me. I will give it to her asap.

Thank you for your message Mr.Kumpanat.
Here's number xxx
I appreciate it.

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        Ms. Jessy is my friend and she gonna be call you. Please let her know about your requirement and good luck for your apartment

I appreciate that.
Thank you and regards,

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Thank you for the info.
But Dist2 is not my options.
Sorry abou that.
I appreciate your help and regards,


Hi takataka,

I invite you to post your search in the housing in Ho Chi Minh City section as it is more appropriate.

The forum should be kept for topics related to expatriation.



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