Hairdressing jobs in Puerto Plata?

Hi I am new to this. My name is Caroline and I am looking for a job in Puerto plata. I live there with my partner of 4 years. I am a Scottish professional hairstylist and I have been for the past 25 years.

I sold my buisness and I am running low on funds and actually getting bored. I love mixing with people and have excellent customer service skills. If anyone out there knows if anything please get in touch.

I'm good with kids and animals lol. Hope I am going to enjoy this forum.

I am in Scotland visiting family but arrive back in dr on the 19 th Nov.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forums. First do you have your residencia and cedula? Expat s are often looking for hair stylists who know how to do their type of hair, I am one of them. I am in Puerto Plata so we need to talk when you get back!!!!

Hi how are you. Yes we can meet if you want. Thank you for replying back to me. Xcx

There is a  hairdressing salon on almost every corner; it's not really a good job prospect in the dr.  The girls that work in those places, probably make 6 or8k pesos a month; no good for gringos.

Ok thank you for reply. But my idea was for the tourists or expats to get their hair done. I live in a street full of salons. But the ladies are not great at cutting and I have had a few clients who like me cutting their hair but thing is the Dominicans want everything for nada. Thanx for the reply. Keep me in mind please. I'm also thinking of trying to go to playa dorado for the hotels. Maybe they would be looking. If you hear of anything please let me know thank you again.

Yes expats and tourists are your market not locals in Puerto Plata.

Yes that's what I'm looking for. Just need to keep trying. Where do I find out about looking for an apartment in Puerto plata within this forum please? Xcx

I thought you lived here???  You should know most rentals won't be online.

What are you looking for and what part of Puerto Plata? How many bedrooms? Furnished or not?

Cookieboy1  Welcome to the forum.

Yes your target is the expat and tourist.  My wife is always looking for a hairdresser that can cut "gringo" hair.  Many she uses just work from home and work on a cash basis, avoiding getting a residency.

If you have not moved here already look at Sosua or Caratete, with slightly higher rental rated but a very large expat and tourist community.

Bob K

Yes I do live there now in home to visit my family. At present I live in ensanches luperon  I have 2 bedrooms at the moment so if I need to lose one it's ok but I'm wanting to stay in the area and I prefer a first floor. I'm wanting to move as the lack of water in the street is making me so anxious. Especially the next street are having loads of water. Thanx xcx

I will keep my eyes and ears open for you. Yes water can be an issue here. Today that is ironic as its day 4 of torrential rain!!!

Thanx Bob. No I live in ensanches luperon I'm visiting in Glasgow my daughter and and my brothers and sisters. Longest I have been away from my wee dog. ( oops and my hubby). If I got a regular clientele I would have no problem doing mobile as there are too many salons. The girls are great blow drying the hair but their cutting no thanx lol.  I'm back there in the 19 th Nov  in sooooo cold in Scotland. Thank you so so much.  Please keep in touch. Xcx

Yes I got told last night. I told my hubby to speak to God and have it sunny and warm for me to go back to. Thanx. Xcx

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