From Dubai to Kuwait, New but not so new here

Hi Everyone,

I have just moved to Kuwait 2 weeks ago after living and working in Dubai, UAE for nealy 4 years. I am here to meet new people.

I have been in Kuwait before for visits but now I am here for work. Below are places in Kuwait that I have already explored:

- Kuwait Towers
- Kuwait Zoo
- Souqs
- Mangaf Area
- Al Kout Mall
- Souq in Salmiya (city center)
- Sultan Centre
- The Avenues
- Marina Mall
- Mall 360
- Beach in the desert
- Al Kubbar Island
- The Science Centre

Whenever I say this to my new colleagues, they said I have done pretty much everything I could do in the country, but no. I believe there's more that I could do and that includes meeting new people and revisiting those places and discovering new places and that would add up to great experience while in Kuwait.

1. Do you an existing whatsapp group whereas you meet and gather together on certain days? If yes, can you contact me and maybe include me in the circle of friends you have?

2. If you dont have an existing group, you think we can create one?

It would really be great to hear from all of you who would be interested to meet new expats like me in the city.


Hi there

You surely need to enroll in and

Lots of activities and events there.

If you are a jogging person, there are different groups that run on sundays (7 pm)
Abd saturdays (8am). The latter is runfie ( check their insta).

And yeah u basically saw everything u could have see here :)

Welcome to Kuwait.

Hi Dana,

That is very kind of you, thank you!

Q8's weather is getting better now :)

Cheers to better days.


Hi Moh,

you're very helpful! we need more of you in this life.

I will definitely check out those other sites but looks like not much is happening in :)

I pretty much have things scheduled for this week, like work, work and some work. Settling in a bit and its a period of adjustments but im quite sure, it will be months gone before I even notice it.

Yes! Very happy about the weather right now :)

Have you checked the old Kuwaiti restaurants? Like Bazza and Kashoona?

You definitely should try "chai karak" (tea with milk)

It's so great you checked all these places.
Btw did you like the zoo? ... I've never been to it in my life! Hehe

I hope you will like it here in Kuwait!

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