Jobs in the science sector

My partner and I (both English) are looking for jobs abroad for summer 2017, with a preference for Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand as it seems that we'll both have a fairly good chance of finding jobs there that we're happy with.

I'm a teacher and will be applying for jobs in international schools - I've signed up with recruitment agencies and have done a lot of research into finding jobs so it's just a case of waiting for the jobs to start being advertised.

My partner has a degree in chemistry & physics and has 10 years experience as a senior lab technician in a university, so he will be looking for a similar role either in a university/school or in the private science sector. Does anyone have any suggestions as to websites/recruitment agencies he could use to find jobs in his field? He's found a few, but it's always useful to have as many avenues as possible.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

For academic jobs (which are most likely with his background), he should regularly check the respective webpages of NUS and NTU - at NUS jobs are listed under individual faculties, NTU has a central jobs webpage - and the applicable research institutes of A*Star.
For corporate jobs, he has to figure out which companies do conduct research in Singapore and have labs in his field. Anything in or around Fusionopolis or the two Science Parks might be a good start.

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