Any gatherings & Activities going on today in Riyadh?

Still new to Riyadh and straying to get really bored. Just finding out if there is any activities going on.

Hi!! This is cynderella from Riyadh..are u here in riyadh? **

..i organize events In compounds and thru my events you will meet new friends whether males or females. Most of them are foreigners.

Thank you.

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Thank you

Welcome!! Will wait for your watsapp message..

Hi Cinderella would u mind if I added u also as I'm also new to Riyadh and would be great meeting up with people from different places.

Let me know 😊

Hi!! Sure no problem,do u have watsapp? **cheers!!

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cynderella can I add you? I have been here in Riyadh since June with my husband. I am beyond  bored.

Hi!! Sure,u are very welcome!! Ur friends are welcome as well. Do u have watsapp? *** ..nice to know u my dear..cheers!!

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Thanks for inviting for this event.

Ur welcome!!

Hi Cinderella do count me in too please..Will text you on whatsapp as well

Are you still organizing events? I'd like some info if there are certain events taking place.

FatumaA123 :

Are you still organizing events? I'd like some info if there are certain events taking place.

You can find upcoming events here - … ia/riyadh/

Any upcoming events in Riyadh?
If that is whatsapp group for expat in Riyadh it will b great.

hi Cybderella

please add me as well.. what is your whats app?

Hi cyndrella , I hope u doing well . I am new on this site as well as in Riyadh . And am really looking for any events or party in Riyadh . Since you're organizer do you mind if I add u over here or I can share my cellphone number so u can WhatsApp me .
Sorry for bother u

Cheers !

What's good cyndrella . Anything popping this Friday ! We need to rock it before 2016 gets over. Holla back

Many thanks

Hi watsapp me XXX,thank u

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@Cynderella could you please avoid posting your phone number on the forum ?


Oh Cynderella, would you mind me joining as well? Thanks! :D  :)

Hi ... how are you ? Are you planning any upcoming events ?

There are a bunch of events and activities going on!
You could check the general entertainment authority website out for information about events :)

Theres also this app you could use to engage in events and activities … 99425?mt=8

Hope this helps!

Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Youth Hostel on Fahad Road. They have 2 squash court 1 tennis , swiming pool gym. snooker karaty basket ball and all sports activity inside in very good condition And very cheap.

All kind of sports access fee is just 200 SAR for 1 year. For swimming and gym 250 for 3 months

I'd like to join if its possible as well!!

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