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I was wondering if someone would be able to help me.

I will be moving to Bahrain in a little under a month, it seems to have taken an age to get to this point and we cant wait!  :)

We have started to look at properties etc. I was wondering if the prices you see on various websites are static or are they negotiable? What are the kind of things I should be asking for?

Many thanks

they're negotiable usually getting 10% off is fairly easy to do. It's a renter's market so you have that in your favour.

Could you clarify what you mean by your last question?

Hi PhilTay

I presume you are looking at renting property.
Everything is negotiable. :) The prices on websites are a good indicator. You can discuss final prices and facilities provided once you have had a chance to see the property first hand.

As a general rule, always see the property. Pictures online can be deceiving.

All the best with your move to Bahrain.

Thanks both, the last question was should I be asking for taxes/utilities/internet/parking etc. included?

Thanks PhilTay

Few things to bear in mind.

Landlords generally market properties as "inclusive". This term is not standardized and hence may include municipality rates/taxes and utility bills.

Some also include internet - but you may be better off getting internet on your own (landlord provided internet is probably shared by a large number of people and hence will be really poor).

Some landlords also provide properties fully furnished. Look at how old or new the furniture is.

If you are looking at apartments, make sure parking is discussed and agreed, because some properties do not have adequate parking.

Also look at the area carefully. Some areas may have minor disturbances and be a nuisance. Tell tale signs will be walls scribbled with graffiti and signs of burns on roads.

These are what I can think of for now. All the best.

one way to check internet is to do a speed test while you are there. There are plenty of wifi network apps (I use wifi analyser on Android) or you can use online.

the wifi in our apartment is pretty fast (wife can skype while I stream a film and upload photos, for example).

another thing to look at is how much empty space there is around the building. Too much means the area may be subject to development while you are there which can mean avery noisy and dusty environment for maybe years at a time.

Windows should seal properly because otherwise, you (or someone you pay) will be dusting a lot and mopping floors.

Oh... and check out where the nearest mosque is bearing in mind the prevailing wind is from the north/northwest if waking up an hour before dawn is something you'd rather not do every day of the year.

Hey Hey,

You can check online property listing websites to get a grasp of rental prices in different areas around Bahrain and figure out which district is perfect for your budget.
There are many popular websites you can check like Weetas, housemeonline, mqdar, and many other.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything.

See ya.

One thing I would suggest is to have a list of things that you want and prices that you are willing to spend AND have a list of places you actually want to look at. I just went through finding a place a couple months back and had trouble with a couple realtors taking me to a bunch of places I had no interest in, didn't include things I needed, and cost more than I was willing to spend. I spent one entire afternoon like this.

So be clear, be a little firm, and know what you want before you go looking so you don't waste anybody's time (including your own!)

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