Business loans in Dubai

I am considering opening a luxury car rental in Dubai. Do i still need a sponsor for this?
In our country you can get a loan to setup a business how does this work in Dubai? Do i need to finace all the cars myself?

Hey, It is the same here as well. You need to get a trade license first then you can go for a business loan in any bank. Some banks provide total amount you require to start your business where few ask you to put some amount. So once check with the banks regarding this. Hope this helps you.

hey here in dubai lots of people helping to getting loan. emiratesloan is best plate form to get any kind of loan in uae. just google it.

Still need a sponsor, Yes!
You will have to open an LLC for this kind of company and also a RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) approval.
Regarding Loan, I am not specialized but I can give you requierements and estimation for it ;)

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