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I would like to ask how long normally will it take to get the result of E pass application. I mean the approval result.


Previously, I am an E pass holder with 4,550 sgd salary declaration but I resigned and another company applied E pass for me with $4,800 salary declaration. Today will be the third day pf waiting the result. I am just worried because most of the people say that if it takes longer time, then there's a chance that it might get rejected.

EP application processing takes anywhere between a few days and two months or more.. Recently the duration has increased and most take a month or more. The duration gives absolutely no indication about approval chances. There is also nothing you can do to speed things up, so just be patient.

Thank you for the reply Sir Benny.

Also, I feel worried because the employer didn't ask for the original copy of my diploma and TOR and didn't ask for certificates. I already have the record in MOM for my previous pass, is that the reason why he didn't ask for it?

Who is Sir Benny?
If MoM already has your documents on file, you do not need to submit them again.

Sir Beppy I should say. :)

Even if it's a new application from different company?

My username here is Beppi, not Sir Benny or Beppy.
All your applications are stored under the same FIN number (which stays with you forever, or until you become Singapore citizen). The processing officer can see your complete application history and all submitted documents at a mouseclick. Documents that were submitted and verified before, do not need to be verified again.

Thank you Sir.

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