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I have been doing job hunting and would like to know how difficult it is to ,and a job in the UN. Is it unlikely for fresh graduates to get hired?

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I have worked in the UN before. It is not very difficult to get in.What you need to do is to join the UN Volunteers first so that you have the experience.From there you can apply for other jobs or you can start by working for the other NGOS first.

Hi, is that so? It seems like they need a lot of experience. So would it be better for me to do an internship and then apply for a job?
How did you get in? Thank you x

NGO's can also be difficult to get into.  Again, this is an area where you might consider starting as a volunteer.  For employed positions, most expect a background in a similar field, preferably in a developing country.

I am never really sure how one is expected to gain the experience, when all the NGO's tend to ask for the same thing.  I have some experience of applying for voluntary NGO positions in East Africa.  The interview processes were far tougher than for any paid position I have ever taken and involved several stages, as well as the whole family.

You need to register with the UN Volunteers Office.  check with UN Kenya they should have that office. They will request to fill an online appliaction. from there you will be on your way.

Yes, it seems very hard to get into NGOs and the UN. In fact, even the UN internships are so tough. Do you think I shoudl get some expereicne then before applying?

HIya,, I am trying to do it now but they have no positions avilable and in order to become a volunteer, you need exerience. If possible could you pinpoint me to the website. Thank you x

Here is the website:  However, it looks like a long way to go... lol :)

Otherwise, if you are Angelina Jolie, you just wake up one morning and decide to work for UN on your own terms. Then, you pick up your phone and call to UN Headquarters and ask how can you help... They usually would make you their Good Will Ambassador!

Good luck!.. :)


You have to register with, your PHP (personal history profile), then start apply through recruitment or carrier  option

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