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I'm Stu,  Ive joined up as I have had a life long dream to be able to get over to live and work  in the USA, (Florida perhaps) along with my partner .. Ive scoured the web for information and advice on obtaining an E2 visa, in order to purchase a business but my brain alas has melted from reading endless conflicting info on what the whole process is and consist of, so I  hope to find better info on here ! Be great to hear or be pointed in the direction of people who have been through the e2 visa process to the USA and hear their stories :) We live in the UK but both hate it and the USA has always felt like home ! .. been many many times on leisure and know it's where we want to be!!.. look forward  to hearing from you and hope you all are having an awesome day :) stu

David.stoller[at]davidstollerlaw.com david is a great lawyer and I can help you with buying the business and a home,

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@ Shelleyfreeman > I invite you to recommend this lawyer in the USA business directory please, thanks for your help. ;)


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I have no idea about any kind Visa , but you can find it if contact good attorney  , if you like to call can give good attorney information he Can help you about  everything

Hi Stu, I moved to Florida with my family from London in 2011 on and E2 visa. They initially gave me a two year stamp and on or first renewal they extended it for another 5. Do you have specific questions?


I moved from London to Orlando.  Do you know you can change to a green card?


I have heard of one way if you worked for a UK based company that has a branch over here. Is there another way?

yes there is, I have had 3 sets friends do it, I did not come on an E Visa so I am not too sure about the process but if you want more information please PM me and I can put you in touch with the right people.

Most temporary-worker visas will not allow you to switch to a green card. Some visas such as EB-5, H1-B, L1 and E2 Essential Employee (not E2 Investors) can. Most of the time, your employer will need to petition for you to get a green card after your visa.
USCIS - Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Workers

Hi Stu

I am from the UK and am a realtor in the office of the business broker who helped me and my husband move to Kissimmee in 2011.

We came on an E2 and initially got 3 years and then 5 years on our renewal.  Our immigration attorney is amazing and makes the process effortless.

Private message me if you would like more information.

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Any E2 lawyer??

Hi kim
Can you give contact of your E2 lawyer

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Hello Stu

Now I am going through E-2 Visa process. I would like to know if you finally accomplished your dream of live in US and you could give me some guidance about the process.


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