Are you happy in Turkey?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Turkey? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Turkey happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

Life is so hard here

Life is pretty much the same before the coup happened. I live in Istanbul. About 40% of the expats I know have left the country after the coup leaving more English-teaching jobs for the braver ones who want to stay. Salaries are low but expenses are higher than other cities in Turkey. I am leaving too after 4.5years here but only because I need a change of scenery and new challenges. Life is easy after the first year and now, I feel rather complacent.

I'm very happy in Turkey! Turkey not a country, but paradise! Everything very clean, beautiful, people are friendly and nice. I feel safe, happy, peacefull! Where also I can get there for so little money? I can live here just for 2000 liras for two - NO PROBLEM (with rent!). But I have 4000 for two and that's AMAZING! I have apart with sea view. Where else I can get sea view NEW apartment just for 200$ in CLEAN N NICE city?? Nowhere! But also I have been live in Turkey just for 1800 liras for two and that's not bad, better than everywhere before still.

I think people which ones doesn't like Turkey just doesn't understand how life looks like for people in USA, Russia, Egypt, UK etc. Turkey is one of the best countries in the world and for me - N1!

I'm living here for 1 year and cost of living so small but the level of living is so high, like in Europe, IMHO even highter! I get IKAMET and want to live here all my life. Turkey it's not a picture in magazine about touristic paradise (like fakes and ugly Egypt and India, or totally-non-intelligent Mexica or Thailand or Bali). Turkey is real! Here's LIFE IS GOOD for middle class n that's amazing!

Now I'm in Marmaris, but also I like Mugla, Kusadasi and Istanbul. Also I have been traveling by coast - Bodrum, Datca, Turunc, Akyaka and Aydin and every city is not bad for living! But Marmaris is the best! IDK about every place in country, but cities I have been I really like. Maybe only small cities not good for winter but Kusadasi and Mugla and Marmaris at winter even better!

i am not happy in Turkey.

I would say that people here are definitely not happy, especially after the July 15th coup attempt. On the surface perhaps, everything seems the same but believe me, underneath everything has changed. I don't want to go into it here for obvious reasons but I certainly wouldn't recommend coming here right now. Turkey is not in good shape and it is going to take many years for things to improve.

Life in general is more fulfilling. The ups and downs are sharper in life. If you do not live in a large city like İstanbul you can get away from it all very fast. If you have big appetite for the outdoors, daily issues keeping the masses busy can be out of your sight and interest. As everywhere else on Earth, if you haven't got a reasonable income, it can be doom and gloom. I find that if you do not get yourself involved in sensitive issues like religious beliefs and political fluctuations, no one interferes with you and your way of life.

In Turkey we were not happy they're people who are not nice

Being a worker... i think iam happy here i have a nice foster family..  but i miss to much the philippines because its different in terms of celebrating special occassion like new year... the new year here is too boring ... i dont mean anything... but iam happy here my still number one for my heart is philippines...😊😊😊😊😊

Hi Makki! Totally agree - Russian New Year very bright and special and remind me about childhood and big family but it's just memories from time I was a kid. And if will start celebrating many Turkish holidays will be better! Still, I don't miss snow and winter anyway) 7 months of from +10 to -30 weather I don't miss at all ^^

to be honest ım not happy neıther unhappy

Life is good here! Comparing from Pakistan atleast it is. Alot of issues and over exaggerations on the media about how it is an asylum for terrorists etc. but that is what the media nowadays does unfortunately. Has to show an ugly side of things, thats what makes news!

How life here is, all depends on the individual really + the background they belong too + if the speak the language.

I for one, enjoy living in Istanbul.

Thank you for your honest review. As a Turkish living in abroad 19 years I could not find anywhere close  to your description which I agree exists here.

If you are not into politics, all the same. I was here before and after the coup. I do not  see anything different outside. Same welcome from the custom officer, restaurant waitress, shop owner.

Please elaborate what you see different other than politics which makes people unhappy anywhere else as well.

Turkey is nice place to settle down and its public very honest with guests l m proud of my beautiful public

Am not in turkey but i would like to work in turkey... Looking for job but it seems difficult....  :/

I am quite happy here. The Turks are quite friendly, and the cost of living is far lower than the US. I can live in a coastal town near beautiful seaside locations and beaches, and visit ancient ruins which I find very fascinating. The food is excellent, and there are lots of things to do, at least here in Antalya.

Hi livingfairytail

I'm so glad about what you think about turkey and marmaris ,and I also wanna move to matmaris coming over around mid May.
I appriciate any help about finding a studio or 1 bedroom furnished apartment to rent in Marmaris or near by neighbourhood.

hi (frida4279)

if you need anything in istanbul i'm ready heelp you and will be happy...

Good day my friend!

Good day!
I am new member in this group. I am a Filipino nurse currently working in one of the hospitals in Singapore. I received an offer letter from Kirac General Hospital in Istanbul but i don't have any idea about this hospital..Can you give me some information regarding this hospital and if there's also foreign nurses working like filipino in this hospital?Is it  a big hospital?thank you my friend.God bless!

Hi Rahma ! Are you Indonesian ? I am from Indonesia too But live in turkey

It depends if we're lucky to have a good employer then in that we feel happy.But if our employers not good it's looks like a hell for us living with them.This is what really I'm afraid in going Turkey and mostly they are also Muslims.Different religion for us...

If they were real followers of Islam they would be perfect boss to work with yet they aren't. So it has no connection to religion. Same rule applies to almost eveything in Turkey

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