Are you happy in Singapore?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Singapore? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Singapore happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

Nope im not happy. Restricted racism is here.

Many restrictions on expats.
They provide facilities according to the status.
They complain all the time that expats are taking money from them (because they dont want to work hard on competitive salary package)
many more.

No I'm not happy. Life is not only about conveniences, nice food and money. A lot of fake emotions, extremely materialistic environment, transparent racism, tension where creativity is almost impossible.
That's why I left Singapore so locals can be happy as I won't "steel their spot" anymore.

Unlike the two previous posters, I have been mostly happy during my 12 years in Singapore. (And when not, it was hardly Singapore's fault - life just has ups and downs!)

Materialism is a big topic, but I just ignored it - and I found a surprising number of other who did so, too.

Racism exists, but as a white, Western guy I am from a "preferred race" (maybe after the Chinese in some eyes, but not all) and had no problems myself. Although I do pity those Indians and Africans, who have a darker skin and in Singapore need to grow a pretty thick one, too.
However, I never let such differences affect my activities, had friends from all cultures and colours and eventually married one of them.

Yes, creativity is lacking in a large part of the population (but the younger generation is catching up). That leaves many opportunities for creative guys like me: I organised music festivals, helped in theatres small and big, attended gallery openings and even started an online store for Indonesian arts - all in my free time (my profession is in technology).

In general, Singapore is pretty much whatever you make out of it. I preferred to make it happy!

I tend to differ above three post (small difference with Beppi) First and foremost what you want from a city where you were not associated with in your entire life before arrival. Every country has its charm and its weakness. A great country signifies with multicultural, multi religionists (where 35% are Buddhist, 17% Christians,11% Muslims, 7% Hindus and more than 20% theists), multi races live peacefully. Other than Singapore, NY and London I didn't find any city which can be even 50% comparable. Secondly, now a days safety is a major concern in this world, and Singapore stands out far ahead in compare to any global cities both from natural disaster and from man made.

Third, I tend to differ from Beppi. Local Singaporean (Chinese, Tamil Indians and Malay) don't like so called PRC Chinese, Indians, Bangladeshi and some extent Caucasians, they call these people as foreign trash (not foreign talents as FTs stands for). So it's misconception that here racism against Indians (when you said dark skin, it means you have no idea about Indians, an Indian can be found as very dark, dark, fare, very fare, Chinese look like, you just name it, that's why India itself called a subcontinent, not other countries where people have either one color or a rare two colors). Most of Indians, and Bangladeshi or Chinese who works in construction or lower working grade will have to face higher dislike in compare to other grades of people specially those work in Business district (they gets dislike in different way, it's called jealous cause of their earnings and life style).

Local Singaporean don't like too many foreigners to be in tiny country which is understandable as its threatening their livings and own cultural heritage. You can find a basic difference a Chinese or Indian from their own country against a local Chinese or Indian, the way these people talks in public places. That's why local people call these people as foreign trash including many Caucasians, cause many of them don't have proper discipline and mannerism how to behave in public. Those days are gone where people will run towards a white man, unless your mentally inching you towards slavery (which can be seen between rich and poor too). All in all, Singapore is a great country where a dignified and law abiding person can leave peacefully and his children can go anywhere entire day without any fear from man made or from nature disaster, that's the beauty of Singapore.

Not really.

I feel out of place. :( specially when they speak in chinese, i have no idea what they are talkinh about.

But well, im a foreigner. That's part of living in another country. Life goes on..

Happy or not, well, its depends on what's your expectations, your goals and of course, how you see life.
I have been here for 11 years and now called this place "home". I dont say it easy, especially from where i came. Everything folks above said do exist: racism, materialism, stereo typing, etc. If you live in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia just name fews, you realised people there is more welcome and friendly to expat, but this country have been fighting hard to be the best place is SA, so yeah, it make singapore being singapore.
What i wanna say is that, if you work hard, be adaptive and sensitive to people's cultures, act global and think local like, everything will be alright. And accept the fact, some industry, even how good you are at work, you cannot be on top. Its not racism, i called it the natural of the industry. Example i cannot speak Chinese, so how can i be a GM in a company where by boss is Chinese, 80% employee is Chinese. However i managed to be a second commander in my company, and im happy w that while im learning Chinese.
I think majority local people is happy, regardless they complaining all the times, hahas...

Kevin Viis wrote:

If you live in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia just name fews, you realised people there is more welcome and friendly to expat,

Having lived in Thailand and visited the others, I found quite the opposite.
Thais have a friendly smile on the surface (which few Singaporeans display so freely), but they mostly have no comprehension or interest in people different from themselves. It's a very inward-looking culture, unlike Singapore.
Other than superficial "friendships", I found it much easier to have meaningful relationships and discussions of topics worth discussing with Singaporeans - not all, of course, but a significant minority which is enough for me.

That's what happens in immigrant nations. When their own citizens feel taken advantage of, they fight back. They want their citizens be given priority. They want people who would love their people and country. While I was an intern there last month, I could understand why the locals were feeling unhappy over the numbers of foreigners pouring in, stealing the jobs that could have gone to Singaporeans. As an American, I can totally understand why the Singaporeans would feel that way. It's about time foreigners respect the people in their respective countries. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I disagree with certain inputs.
I live in Asia for more then 20 years and Singapore for 10 years. if everyone focus on the positives, cope effectively with the negatives, develop stronger relationships and pursue reasonable Goals sure you feel happier.
Simple stay away form all the drama and negativities !
Cheers like every Friday in Clark Quay :-)

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