Are you happy in Panama?

there is panama for everything a law and regulation and every day come new laws, but no one respects these laws! most laws and regulations apply only to honest foreigners and poor Panamanian. for example if a panamanian person wants to sell food or drinks in the street, he needs 100 permits from authorities, you can see in panama city how the Venezuelan people simply work as tourists, sell food and drinks on the street, nobody checks, nobody asks for residence permit, work permit. health certificate...but if a europea for example a German would like to open a shop totally legal, then the whole authorities like the vulture and check everything exactly according to regulation

all the idiocracy come from the spaniards
it's a all bureaucracy hierarchy
same slave system like the roman empire
nothing has ever changed
you might want to visit spain first
go change money in a spanish bank
thousands of ID's and signatures needed
although they live from tourism - franco is still alive

Yes they are molesting the good people a lot, the police even stopped me in super99 to ask my papers while i was shopping. Another time in the Coronado mall while i was walking. Police always stopping and checking driving license in every corner of the country. Its so annoying.
The Venezuelan guys are often get deported and fined believe me its not easy, i am i' m touch with the community here and they are suffering a lot and many of them are very poor and in addition to that the Panamanians always steal the money.

I have 2 guys here and they paid a lawyer to do the paperwork but he simply stole the money and now they do not have permits and they ran out of money because when they worked for Panamanians they simply did not pay them. It happens a lot here, lawyers steal your money and do not do the work. There is something seriously wrong in this country and if i had known before i would not have invested a single cent here. And i thought the people in Africa were bad but they were really honest and treated me very nice even they knew i am not rich. Where in Panama when you are not a very rich person you will be treated like shit by lawyers, real estate agents etc... (sometimes).

Also to those of you who think (especially the Americans) you are cool with the local guys, i can tell you they do not like strangers and they do not like especially Americans they just accepted that you invaded the country and all they want is your money and they will try everything to get it from you. And all the other strangers, you are just walking money trees to them.

Sorry, but the truth hurts.

Largely true! But not completely because there are exceptions......and your job is to find them.......But I grant you, its not eazy........Im pretty fed up and disgusted with the collective culture........and have been ready to go for a long time.........Not that eazy to get out once you get all the way in.........What do you think technorado, will we be on the same plane outta here? Hahaha.............

I don't really want to go because i like the area where i live and apart from a few local neighbors the people have accepted me here, i do not have much problems right now.
But always keep in mind that bad things can happen to you very fast here.

You aint wrong.........but remember, bad things can happen to you very fast anywhere.....Take Florida and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands for example......I just wonder if its finally time to hunker down and get really ready.........

Yes bad things can happen everywhere but there is a difference if the people can and will help you if you need help or if they take advantage of the situation and make it more worse.

I no longer live in Panama

And Im traveling in Nicaragua, which until last nite has been great weather.......big front covering Panama and C.R. and extending slightly up here to Nica.......I like Nicaragua.......Its got more soul.......The people have suffered more......Theyre more self reliant.......more work oriented, but still too much poverty, which means too many theives........but comin up fast........generally, a very pleasant place, which explains why it now gets the bulk of the tourism instead of Panama and C.R.  San Juan is heaving with ex its an easier deal to obtain residency....Panama is making things too expensive and complicated........Im in a holding pattern until the current administration is history.........

You're certainly trying to find a better tomorrow. I'll say your'e at least sticking your neck out to do so. We returned to the US in response to exactly what you refer to in Panama. We also had many obstacles from the locals to the government at every turn while establishing a legal very needed business. Panama is a country full of good people, laced with some very bad ones ( like all countries in the world). However, being in business there is the worst case scenario. It's not only difficult, but in some cases impossible depending upon your representation to the corrupt government, ( ie, excellent attorney ). Bad attorneys are not respected by the government and will cause you to lose your investment by leading you off into a hole.
We finally sold out and returned to the US, only to see what we worked so hard for simply vaporized in the poor economy here. It's been 9 years and nothing here has improved as far as viable business income is concerned. At least we are surrounded by family, can speak the language and navigate the government to a point.. That's worth a lot to us.
We we happy in Panama, yes and no... Our personal lives in relationship to our Panamanian neighbors was near perfect. They came to trust us and we them, that was huge to us. We blended with the locals as much as possible and didn't rock their boat... we all were happy.
On the other hand our business investment there was a flop, but we got out just in time by way of an excellent attorney. We got our investment back, no profit but a valuable lesson learned via all we endured in the process....
Is it a place you can be happy ? Yes, but only if you don't try to change the status quo. Also must have an income from a foreign country ( SS or the like ) . You're good in that case. free to move about the country, etc. You can rent a house wherever you want, eat local, and follow the way of the will not fail. You will get good advice from your neighbors, like stay far away from the government, etc.
That's the way we see it, based on our experience in Panama.

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