Are you happy in Kuwait?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Kuwait? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Kuwait happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

I still never met a Kuwaiti happy in his own land.

Though they have so much money, any local i met ( and believe me they were lot), they keep nagging about the life here. I really wonder why.

As for me, since I don't define happiness by "getting drunk or getting laid" ( yes let's be honest, most expats feel that they are not happy due to what i mentioned),  everything is so far okay.

I can go to decent beaches, visit islands, taste amazing food, have board game nights, enjoy morning walks around gulf street ( ok ok not throughout the year ), get extra decent amount of cash by tutoring...

I mean really why most people are not happy here?

First , criteria of being happy are different from place to another under the living  potentials available.
For example: poor countries can't look forward to having or dreaming to get types of luxury in rich countries.
for me , i am Egyptian living in Kuwait away from my family members just to save them everyday needs, deprived of every single reasons of bliss, no comfort , no well-made food, no warm family and relatives ties.
certainly, in Kuwait i feel safe can fulfill my materialistic needs , but cant get spiritual ones.

Kuwait is one of the best example of nature.If you are the true lover of nature then you will experience and embrass the Kuwait.
Winter is the most exotic experience in desert,farms,sea sides,icelands,gardens.Temperature right from below zero sometimes to max of 15 deg.
Moreover the richness of the  Kuwait seen in the mall and Arabian streets.
If you are the true lover of nature you can see and experience the summer,a true hottest place on earth , high as 52 c.
Atemp range throughout the day 40 to 50 c..
Open bath on sea,hot send surface.Its a real colour of nature.
Moreover you can enjoy a biggest mall,foodserv

Kuwait isn't so bad. It has it's ups and downs, just like everywhere else. It's all relative. Depending on where you are from, and where you have been, Kuwait could be the best or the worst place to you. I'm from the U.S., so there are definitely things that I miss. Obviously, the #1 draw here is money. There is plenty to go around, and when I talk to people, that is almost always the answer to the question: "Why are you here?". I haven't met anyone who comes here for vacation, unless they are visiting family. My thing is, I chose to come here, and I am choosing to stay here for an extended period. So, I will make the best of my time here. Complaining and griping will not help the situation in the slightest. So I find the positives: decent beaches, good shopping, excellent restaurant variety and quality, and my favorite...the ability to meet a variety of people from all over the world and all walks of life. And let's face it...there is an abundance of beautiful women here....

Actually Kuwait country feeling bored,than my country home but we need to work
To support our family.

Kuwait is a wonderful country to live in.  "The grass is greener ..." effect is always in play. I much enjoyed my time in Kuwait and the Kuwaiti people I met.  Great place to live and work.

Personally, yes i am happy


Hi Moh,

I like reading your replies as you always have something valuable to add to the posts in this forum but I quickly halted when I read this,

"Though they have so much money, any local i met ( and believe me they were lot), they keep nagging about the life here. I really wonder why."

Is it the Kuwaitis whom you've met or that's your idea in general, that we have so much money? Please kindly explain..

I apologize if this is strictly expats only.. but for me, personally, as a Kuwaiti citizen, I am unhappy about how our country is defined by its shopping malls and restaurants. This bores me a lot.. I am not a foodie nor do I like shopping. We need to have more diversity.

I read on the newspaper that they are considering building some skyscrappers to make Kuwait a tourist country. Instead why don't they focus on improving the country based on what is forcing its expats (who outnumber us citizens, a LOT) by leaving the country in droves.. how do we expect new people to come if so many expats working here are leaving? We are at the bottom of the latest expats survey for various of reasons.

Lastly, I do love my country very dearly and I understand there are people who are like it here and it literally makes me very happy when I read/hear that people are happy in my own country and I know we are not the worst place out there but everyone takes pride in their country and where they come from.. personally for me, it bothers me a lot whenever I hear that people leave us, just cannot wait until their contracts are over, unhappy that they don't even care about learning our dialect/tradition.. etc.

Eventually we all want our countries to be the best/better because we are proud of where we hail from.

Sorry if this post is too long~

P.S: I'll probably think of something else to add further on but I think I've edited this post way way too many times now it feels like a rap battle    :lol:

Hi Dana :)

Well being a private tutor, I met lots of Kuwaiti families and it's obvious to notify their financial level.

Sure not everyone is super rich,  but I cant' seem to find a Kuwaiti family below "medium" level, and my medium i mean a family owning less than 2 cards and hiring less than 2 home workers (khadama/cooker/driver...).

You are right about the image of Kuwait being solely a food/shopping country, but for me, yesterday i had a board game gathering at shaheed park and tomorrow Im going to a trip to Qarooh island.

I mean what activities you like to do but weren't able to practice it besides visiting landmarks?

I can't think of any ( except nightlife, aka getting drunk and laid easily )

As for the expats getting out of this country, its because they cant find "night life" here :P
Did you ask those leaving expats what is the reason of leaving? what did they didnt like?

That's my opinion :)

Of course, I don't mean Kuwait is the perfect place. I would love to work elsewhere as a change, but what I'm saying is you can still have fun and have a stable life here while enjoying your time.

I do not think Kuwait will ever be a tourist Country.

It has nothing to attract many other Countries.

As you say. Far too many shopping Malls.

It could be such a nice place. If money was spent cleaning the Country up.

It will never be....

the thing is, there is not need for a country to be a tourist one in order to work and live in it right?

This is very well said...

starting 3rd week here and kuwait seems to be a pretty boring place - from my perspective and standards
it may work for other people, however where i come from nature is way much better and enjoyable, culture is more rich, food is international and good, entertainment is to my taste
don't ask what the hack im here for ;-)

You see I have two homes, permanent. In the UK and Kuwait. After 6 months in either country, I need to switch. Now I am craving going back to Kuwait, another reason is because im broke and need to save up for my next summer trip.

Me too I have 2homes permanent Philippines 2nd home Kuwait.but still I'm happy here most if u have lots of friends to hanging.have a good day

Kuwait is boring place but is a good country better than other GCC countries,

Kuwait is good city to live in provided that you have good acompany or group of good friends. Although nowadays it's not easy to find such

Im happy and not happy in the same time I'm happy couz my family with me and every thing ezy around work living but the thing that make me not happy that there r not much to do her  I was locking for good partys to go with my gf but I did find few good party and the rest not good if  I find  a good places to hung out with my gf and good party's that will make me very happy all the time

Am unhappy 😔 all the time
Because no beer 🍺 here nothing much to Do outside everything is lot of expensive
going to my work come back to my room and cook some thing and again go back to work
Is this a life ????
No recreation nothing we are humans we need some mood elation some euphoria
Everyone here happy about malls I don’t think they will give us happiness because everything there are lot of expensive
That’s why am totally unhappy since day 1 in kuwait

I totally agree with you. All depends what make you happy. For me beer clubbing and getting drunk can't make me happy, no need this.
But sun, walking, sea, caffe in nice caffe and good  food that's all I need instead of -15to -20C snowing and raining combine with darkness for 10 months.definitely need more than  what I mentioned first. If people need parties with alcohol why they moving to country where is not allowed 🤔.

Hi there im looking foward to be in Kuwait next year mabe we can be friend and you can show me places around :-D

too much human arrogance in every yard in kuwait & there no mercy.

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