Are you happy in Kenya?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Kenya? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Kenya happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

The one and only good thing about here is weather.  Yes that was a period .

I am more then happy in kenya reason is its very friendly country, climate is excellent in Nairobi, All type of food is available. lot of places to see. Overall its nice country.

Are you happy in Kenya? Depends on what brought you(me) in Kenya in the firsts place and what your expectation is. Kenya is an okay country given the local currency value  vs others . As far as my happiness level is concern- I`m alright given that Kenya is still behind in a few  areas. One of the only thing that makes me gaze in ew - is that kenyan have a lot hackers than ever. I have lived in various apt with shared Wifi ( always not safe) and every time (70% of the time ) there is somebody in the building who have the password and trying to hack you to find out who you are. Never trust  the host in Kenya and there free wifi. Kenya is awesome  only if you have  good people.  Stay with expat.. Cheers fellas

kenya is best in weather.

well. i think the UN happiness survey is only theoretical, practically i think in general Kenyans are more happier than Europeans i would say . you can check the suicide rates as well in comparison between those countries and Kenya for example and you will understand what i mean.
I think in Kenya the idea is the value behind life not the quality of life , i think kenyans are very easy going and less complainers that for sure make the person more happy than others, also the weather in Kenya is unique , they have the sun shine everyday for the whole year which many of the northern countries will never have , they have the beautiful nature of landscape , animals and birds are all over the country .they have a strong culture which give a very nice spirit to the country . i would say living in Kenya will make you happy than living in most of other places.

For me, the things that make me happy about being in Kenya are;
The climate.  Where I live its neither too hot nor too cold, nor too humid.
The people.  Kenyans are friendly and welcoming.  On a day to day basis, I am not treated as if I am different, or reminded of my race.  I have never lived amongst the expat community and never felt uncomfortable about this.  People generally seem to be happier than people in Britain!
The scenery.  Absolutely wonderful.
Food.  An abundance of flavourful fresh food, unlike the insipid tasting food that is often on sale in the UK.
Health.  I feel overall much more well here in Kenya.

Very happy

In my humble opinion, the things to be happy in Kenya about are the following: #1) the weather - The temperature never goes down below 0 C :), #2) food - usually, the fruits and vegetables are naturally organic and taste fantastic, and so do their juices at local restaurants! The only complaint I had was about tough local chicken, no matter how long I had to boil it - it stayed tough... lol #3) Kenya feels like deja vu for a Western soul like me - when I was looking into the valley from the Ngong Hills,  I felt like I already knew the place: maybe from my previous lives...; as a human race, we spread out into the world from Africa - from Serengeti in Tanzania and from Kenya, and that fact makes me always feel happy in Kenya! :). #4) Nairobi always looks like a beautiful garden - no matter what is the season, there are always something blooming: Jakaranda trees or Fire Trees, or some wonderful species of cactuses, or Hibiscus bush... So beautiful!

However, all of the above cannot extinguish the fact that our Kyuna Road home was targeted 3 times by hitmen and thieves during 3 years period while we were in Nairobi, Kenya, with my engineer husband. Our Kenyan guard was bitterly injured while protecting me and my husband. Also, as a white female, I had to be very conscious of into what neighborhoods I was entering in; our gardener had to assit me while jogging in public areas; I would feel as a walking dollar sign in Nairobi's downtown - for example, my car was clamped numerous times by the "city men" with the sole purpose  - to get as much "rescue" money from me as possible: in 2013 it was at at least 2000 Ksh, now - I hear- it is between 3000 to 5000 Ksh to get the "boot" removed from your car. To be honest, these were the main arguments in my mind that pushed us to move out of Kenya. Which is a shame!.. Otherwise, the country is beautiful.

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Nooo!!! it's a living hell, they are too many Kenyans - I want out......

I hope it's not really hot there. Please say that you get cooler weather at least sometimes.

Tanz, it gets hot alright hear in Mombasa but not really cool like in Dallas. Although you can enjoy 6 months of hot and other 6 months of relevant cool weather but nothing with freezing points.

Old post but commenting. There are interesting areas to visit but No, not happy here. Cost of living & price gouging is getting Ridiculous.

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