Are you happy in Belgium?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Belgium? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Belgium happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

my name is Nart am Syrian refugee in Belgium, well what can I say in my personal point of view I wont say Belgium isn't  very good nor  bad, it is ok  regarding everything but am struggling to find a good decent job specially that I have experience in flying for more than 5 years and learning the language which Am pretty sure it wont be Enough here so, Am I happy ??? I would say for now noo but I dont  give up and always think positively maybe in the near or far future I will be

PS If I get the chance to leave to another country I would do it without hesitation but can not  due to my situation as a refugee

I have only been here just over 2 months (feels longer), I have only met a few native Belgians as there is a huge expat community here. However, the few Belgians I have met have been so helpful, friendly and all round very pleasant people! - helpful/friendly people are happy people and vice versa.

The Flanders region is a chilled vibe and to my preference (so much cycling!) - this makes me happy.

Brussels is chaotic but has nice areas if you look really hard for them. - I used to love Brussels but it no longer makes me happy.

Belgian beer and waffles = happiness

As a new expat, there is so much paperwork, never ending. You sign one document and 5 more sprout. - this makes me not happy.

I met one girl who asked why I chose to move here as she believed 'people don't choose to come here, they just end up here'. - she was not happy.

Meeting a lot of likeminded and fun expats has been the highlight so far. This helped with my homesickness - happy!

I moved here for an adventure; language learning and looking for jobs with only English language - these make me frustrated and not happy but I came for a challenge and its what I'm getting so I SHOULD be happy in my unhappiness. Ha.

At this very moment I miss home, but earlier today I thought "I never want to go home!"

Conclusion: A rollercoaster of emotions.

Hello Clairesto,

I am very happy to read a comment like yours. Because it demonstrates again that the expatriate that comes with a real desire to discover / share / integrate always succeed despite the difficulties inherent in the installation of another country.

Unlike some people who believe that everyone goes their unrolling a red carpet to satisfy their cravings / desires / whims ...

All the happy expatriates constantly repeat it on this site is for expatriates to adapt to the receiving country. This is not the country to adapt to them.

hi good day you are the lucky and you are live in Belgium  i am from pakistan.

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